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Image for They Say/ Little Lover

Chuck Taylor

They Say / Little Lover

Image for Bring Back You Love/ The Power Of Love

Chuck Clark

Bring Back You Love / The Power Of Love

Image for Blue Monday/ Lonely, Lonely Me

Steve And Tee

Blue Monday / Lonely, Lonely Me

Image for The Girl Of My Dreams/ Someone New

Vic Dana

The Girl Of My Dreams / Someone New

Image for Borrowed Sunshine/ Get Ready For Love

Duke And Duchess

Borrowed Sunshine / Get Ready For Love

Image for The Girl You Left Behind/ I Don't Exist

Vickie Carroll

The Girl You Left Behind / I Don't Exist

Image for There's A Girl/ My Heart Sings

Jan And Dean

There's A Girl / My Heart Sings

Image for Bye Bye Love/ A Day At A Time

Cathy And Joe

Bye Bye Love / A Day At A Time

Image for Teen Prayer/ Baby Baby


Teen Prayer / Baby Baby

Image for The People Hater/ I've Got It Bad For You

Jerry And Brad

The People Hater / I've Got It Bad For You

Image for Teenage Prayer/ Gypsy Lady

Gloria Mann

Teenage Prayer / Gypsy Lady

Image for Twistin' Rose Of Texas/ Hello Honey

Johnny Desmond

Twistin' Rose Of Texas / Hello Honey

12 Item(s)

per page

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