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Image for Little Sad Boy/ (i Go) Down To The River

Johnny Burnette

Little Sad Boy / (i Go) Down To The River

Image for Look For A Star/ Afraid Of Love

Garry Miles

Look For A Star / Afraid Of Love

Image for Long After/ Happy Summer Days

Ronnie Dove

Long After / Happy Summer Days

Image for Little Bitty Heart/ Leavin It All Up To You

Brady Sneed And Grady

Little Bitty Heart / Leavin It All Up To You

Image for La Bamba/ Peggy Sue

Ray Allen And The Upbeats

La Bamba / Peggy Sue

Image for Diamond Ring/ All My Love Belongs To You

Jerry Wallace

Diamond Ring / All My Love Belongs To You

Image for Don't Want To Know/ Angela Jones

Michael Cox

Don't Want To Know / Angela Jones

Image for Donna/ Patti Ann

Johnny Crawford

Donna / Patti Ann

Image for Little Boy Sad/ I Go Down To The River

Johnny Burnette

Little Boy Sad / I Go Down To The River

Image for Little Dear, Little Darling/ How Low Is Low

Jamie Coe

Little Dear, Little Darling / How Low Is Low

Image for Dream Boy/ A Broken Heart

Clyde Stacy

Dream Boy / A Broken Heart

Image for Do You Love Me/ Young And Pretty Bride

Teddy Vann

Do You Love Me / Young And Pretty Bride

Image for Let The Bells Keep Ringing/ Crazy Love

Paul Anka

Let The Bells Keep Ringing / Crazy Love

Image for Let It Be Me/ Since You Broke My Heart

Everly Brothers

Let It Be Me / Since You Broke My Heart

Image for Lisa/ Journey Of Love

Jeannie Black

Lisa / Journey Of Love

Image for Like Anything/ Puzzle Of Love

Skip Cunningham

Like Anything / Puzzle Of Love

Love Sublime/ On The Way Home

Jackie Walker

Love Sublime / On The Way Home

Image for Lookin' At Linda/ A Little Dutch Town

Mac Davis

Lookin' At Linda / A Little Dutch Town

Image for Deeper In Love/ It Hurts

Ray Whitley

Deeper In Love / It Hurts

Image for Dune Buggy/ Boss Barracuda


Dune Buggy / Boss Barracuda

Image for Dreams Of A Fool/ Open Your Eyes

J. Frank Wilson

Dreams Of A Fool / Open Your Eyes

Image for Life Begins At Fifteen/ Tommy

Jeannie Harmon

Life Begins At Fifteen / Tommy

Image for Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops/ Talk Talk Talk

Frankie Avalon

Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops / Talk Talk Talk

Image for Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl/ Come On Pack It On


Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl / Come On Pack It On

Image for Datesetters U.s.a 1961/ 4 Track 1961 Ep With Cover

Various Artists

Datesetters U.s.a 1961 / 4 Track 1961 Ep With Cover

Image for Ladder Of Love/ In A Little Spanish Town

Lee Talboys

Ladder Of Love / In A Little Spanish Town

Image for Do The Crossfire/ Love, Love, Love

Timmy Brown

Do The Crossfire / Love, Love, Love

Image for Lonesome/ Guardian Angel

Linda Lee

Lonesome / Guardian Angel

Image for Let Me Be The One You Love/ A Boy And A Girl In Love

Marc Stewart

Let Me Be The One You Love / A Boy And A Girl In Love

Image for Little White Diamonds/ Afternoon Slow Dance

Dina Raye

Little White Diamonds / Afternoon Slow Dance

Image for Lotsa Luck/ Tingle Tingle

Susan Dwight And The Minks

Lotsa Luck / Tingle Tingle

Image for Dancing Shoes/ I Like You (like This)

Rusty And Doug

Dancing Shoes / I Like You (like This)

Image for Love Her While She's Young/ Danke Schoen

Craig Douglas

Love Her While She's Young / Danke Schoen

Image for Little Darlin/ I Won't Cry

Pete Cooke

Little Darlin / I Won't Cry

Image for Dear One/ There Was A Time

Tony Victor

Dear One / There Was A Time

Image for Lolly Too Dum/ Loser's Lullaby

Robin Ward

Lolly Too Dum / Loser's Lullaby

Image for Little Girl Echo/ Pen Pals

Willie Walker

Little Girl Echo / Pen Pals

Image for Like Strangers/ Brand New Heartache

Everly Brothers

Like Strangers / Brand New Heartache

Image for Day After Day/ Jealous Heart

Bill Cecere And New Boys

Day After Day / Jealous Heart

Image for Love Those Beach Boys/ Close To Jimmy

Sea Shells

Love Those Beach Boys / Close To Jimmy

Image for Lovesick/ She Called Me Baby

Tommy Brooks

Lovesick / She Called Me Baby

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