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Image for I Love You Drops/ Sunny Skies

Vic Dana

I Love You Drops / Sunny Skies

Image for Look For A Star/ Afraid Of Love

Garry Miles

Look For A Star / Afraid Of Love

Image for I'm Glad That Your Falling/ Golden Memories

Betty Madigan

I'm Glad That Your Falling / Golden Memories

Image for Togetherness/ Don't Let Love Pass Me By

Frankie Avalon

Togetherness / Don't Let Love Pass Me By

Image for Little Boy Sad/ I Go Down To The River

Johnny Burnette

Little Boy Sad / I Go Down To The River

Image for Little Dear, Little Darling/ How Low Is Low

Jamie Coe

Little Dear, Little Darling / How Low Is Low

Image for Twistin' Rose Of Texas/ Hello Honey

Johnny Desmond

Twistin' Rose Of Texas / Hello Honey

Image for Here Am I/ Make Up Your Mind

Jimmy Spellman

Here Am I / Make Up Your Mind

Image for I Sit In My Window/ Wait For Me, My Love

Russ Miller

I Sit In My Window / Wait For Me, My Love

Image for Here, There, Everywhere/ Skip Skip

Clay Cole

Here, There, Everywhere / Skip Skip

Together Tonight/ Big Clem

Frankie And Johnny

Together Tonight / Big Clem

Image for There's A Girl/ My Heart Sings

Jan And Dean

There's A Girl / My Heart Sings

Image for The Witches Crew/ Seventeen Little Kisses


The Witches Crew / Seventeen Little Kisses

Image for I'm Watching You/ Wisdom Of A Fool

Jericho Brown

I'm Watching You / Wisdom Of A Fool

Image for Let Me Be The One You Love/ A Boy And A Girl In Love

Marc Stewart

Let Me Be The One You Love / A Boy And A Girl In Love

Image for Little Girl Echo/ Pen Pals

Willie Walker

Little Girl Echo / Pen Pals

Image for They Say/ Little Lover

Chuck Taylor

They Say / Little Lover

17 Item(s)

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