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Image for I Don't Love Her Anymore/ Destination You

Larson Andy

I Don't Love Her Anymore / Destination You

Image for Shady Lady/ Billy You're My Friend

Gene Pitney

Shady Lady / Billy You're My Friend

Image for Charlena/ Mah Man Flash

Ruben And The Jets

Charlena / Mah Man Flash

Image for Skate Board/ Fun Last Summer

Sidewalk Surfers

Skate Board / Fun Last Summer

Image for Tangier/ Ever Since You Kissed Me Joey


Tangier / Ever Since You Kissed Me Joey

Image for Many Things From Your Window/ I Tried To Forget


Many Things From Your Window / I Tried To Forget

Image for The Pleasure Of Your Company/ Hurry


The Pleasure Of Your Company / Hurry

Image for Please Help Me I'm Falling/ I Know She Knows

Delbert Mcclinton

Please Help Me I'm Falling / I Know She Knows

Image for (ain't That) Just Like Me/ I Can Tell


(ain't That) Just Like Me / I Can Tell

Image for Love/ Henry The Viii, I Am


Love / Henry The Viii, I Am

Image for Stick With Me/ Now You've Gone

Mul-tee Bag

Stick With Me / Now You've Gone

The Real Me/ I'm One


The Real Me / I'm One

Image for Tell It To My Face/ Pretty Little Shy One


Tell It To My Face / Pretty Little Shy One

Image for Motor Mouth/ Love Wasn't Real

Granger Hunt And The Believers

Motor Mouth / Love Wasn't Real

Image for I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow/ Nowhere To Go


I'll Do My Crying Tomorrow / Nowhere To Go

Image for Run For Your Life/ Same:


Run For Your Life / Same:

Image for Mind Your Own Business/ There'll Be No Teardrops Tonig

Hank Williams

Mind Your Own Business / There'll Be No Teardrops Tonig

Image for Ben Crazy/ Flip Side

Benny Goodman

Ben Crazy / Flip Side

Image for Brown Paper Sack/ Spread It On Thick


Brown Paper Sack / Spread It On Thick

Image for A Street Called Hope/ Think Of Us

Gene Pitney

A Street Called Hope / Think Of Us

Image for Baby, You're My Kind Of Woman/ Hate

Gene Pitney

Baby, You're My Kind Of Woman / Hate

Image for Playing Games Of Love/ California

Gene Pitney

Playing Games Of Love / California

Image for Two Bananas In Love/ Same

Marty And The Mellow Yellow Bunch

Two Bananas In Love / Same

Image for 24 Sycamore/ From A Boy To A Man

Wayne Fontana

24 Sycamore / From A Boy To A Man

Image for The Pied Piper/ Sweet Dawn My True Love

Crispian St. Peters

The Pied Piper / Sweet Dawn My True Love

Image for Keep It Out Of Sight/ Missy Missy

Paul Ryan And Barry

Keep It Out Of Sight / Missy Missy

Image for Tennesse Stud/ My Baby


Tennesse Stud / My Baby

Image for True Love Never Runs Smooth/ Donna Means Heartbreak

Gene Pitney

True Love Never Runs Smooth / Donna Means Heartbreak

Image for It Ain't Me Babe/ And Mostly They Sing

Sebastian Cabot

It Ain't Me Babe / And Mostly They Sing

Image for Lady Samantha/ It's Me That You Need

Elton John

Lady Samantha / It's Me That You Need

Image for Bennie And The Jets/ Harmony

Elton John

Bennie And The Jets / Harmony

Image for Why/ Stop The Music


Why / Stop The Music

Image for Keep A Knockin'/ Get Back/ Etc./ Health


Keep A Knockin'/ Get Back/ Etc. / Health

Image for This Little Girl Of Mine/ If You're Lying, You'll Be Cry

Righteous Brothers

This Little Girl Of Mine / If You're Lying, You'll Be Cry

Image for Swingin' On A Love Vine/ High-high

Fillet Of Soul

Swingin' On A Love Vine / High-high

Image for Tremblin'/ Wheer Did The Magic Go

Gene Pitney

Tremblin' / Wheer Did The Magic Go

Image for She Let's Her Hair Down/ I Remember

Gene Pitney

She Let's Her Hair Down / I Remember

Image for Another You/ Talk Back Trembling Lips

Johnny Tillotson

Another You / Talk Back Trembling Lips

Image for Jennifer Tomkins/ All Night Long

Street People

Jennifer Tomkins / All Night Long

Born To Be Wild/ Magic Carpet Ride


Born To Be Wild / Magic Carpet Ride

Image for Painter/ Du Ronda

Lou Christie

Painter / Du Ronda

Image for Have A Little Talk With Myself/ The Little Woman

Ray Stevens

Have A Little Talk With Myself / The Little Woman

Let The Good Times Roll/ Heartbreak Hotel


Let The Good Times Roll / Heartbreak Hotel

Image for Unchained Melody/ Trying

Bobby Vinton

Unchained Melody / Trying

Image for Julie Anne/ Sound Of Super K


Julie Anne / Sound Of Super K

Image for Me, Myself And I/ Country Boy, Country Boy

Johnny Tillotson

Me, Myself And I / Country Boy, Country Boy

Image for No Love At All/ What Am I Gonna Do

Johnny Tillotson

No Love At All / What Am I Gonna Do

Image for Then I'll Count Again/ One's Yours, One's Mine

Johnny Tillotson

Then I'll Count Again / One's Yours, One's Mine

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