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Image for The Girl I Lost In The Rain/ The One That Got Away

C. J. Russell

The Girl I Lost In The Rain / The One That Got Away

Image for I Can't Do Without You Now/ Keys To My Heart

Best Of The Beatles (peter Best)

I Can't Do Without You Now / Keys To My Heart

Image for You Better Keep Ouit Of My Way/ People Come, People Go


You Better Keep Ouit Of My Way / People Come, People Go

Image for The Girl In The Black Bikini/ The Surfer Jerk

In Crowd

The Girl In The Black Bikini / The Surfer Jerk

Image for Honey Drop/ In The Summer

3 Honeydrops

Honey Drop / In The Summer

Image for Rockin Satellite/ You're The One For Me

3 Honeydrops

Rockin Satellite / You're The One For Me

Oh Boy/ Gilee

Sonny Spencer

Oh Boy / Gilee

Image for Susie-q/ Such A Shame


Susie-q / Such A Shame

Image for Shady Lady/ Billy You're My Friend

Gene Pitney

Shady Lady / Billy You're My Friend

Image for Charlena/ Mah Man Flash

Ruben And The Jets

Charlena / Mah Man Flash

Image for Bells Ring/ Please Tell Me


Bells Ring / Please Tell Me

Image for Be My Girl/ Place In My Heart


Be My Girl / Place In My Heart

Image for Worried Mind/ Shadow Of My Love

Sonny Saber

Worried Mind / Shadow Of My Love

Image for Never Tear Us Apart/ Guns In The Sky


Never Tear Us Apart / Guns In The Sky

Image for Stay With Me Baby/ Out Of Time / Watcha Gonna Do

Dan Mccafferty

Stay With Me Baby / Out Of Time / Watcha Gonna Do

Image for Breaking Up/ Where Happiness Ends

Fred Carter

Breaking Up / Where Happiness Ends

Image for Two Way Heart/ Please Forget

Donn Moon And His Metro All Stars

Two Way Heart / Please Forget

I Want Somebody/ Polly Wantas Cracker

Tommy Taylor And The Five Knights

I Want Somebody / Polly Wantas Cracker

Image for The Pleasure Of Your Company/ Hurry


The Pleasure Of Your Company / Hurry

Image for Our World/ Wait 'til You See My Gidget

Johnny Tillotson

Our World / Wait 'til You See My Gidget

Image for Iii - Stay With Me/ Blood Brother


Iii - Stay With Me / Blood Brother

Image for Do The Crossfire/ Love, Love, Love

Timmy Brown

Do The Crossfire / Love, Love, Love

Image for (ain't That) Just Like Me/ I Can Tell


(ain't That) Just Like Me / I Can Tell

Image for When's He Gonna Kiss Me/ Duck Walk

Judy Cross

When's He Gonna Kiss Me / Duck Walk

Image for Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl/ Come On Pack It On


Little Sidewalk Surfer Girl / Come On Pack It On

Image for Lay The Music Down/ Life Is For The Living

Albert Hammond

Lay The Music Down / Life Is For The Living

The Real Me/ I'm One


The Real Me / I'm One

Image for Trees/ Immortal Love


Trees / Immortal Love

Image for Tell It To My Face/ Pretty Little Shy One


Tell It To My Face / Pretty Little Shy One

Image for Chance/ Chance Part 2


Chance / Chance Part 2

Image for Lifestream/ Evil Woman Child

Rick Nelson

Lifestream / Evil Woman Child

Image for We Got To Go/ Zandoo


We Got To Go / Zandoo

Image for Brown Paper Sack/ Spread It On Thick


Brown Paper Sack / Spread It On Thick

Image for Wop-t-bop + Pink Cadillac + 2-rocka-4/ Flat Fee + Some Like It Hot

Sammy Masters

Wop-t-bop + Pink Cadillac + 2-rocka-4 / Flat Fee + Some Like It Hot

Image for S'easy/ Strange Times

Eddie Hardin

S'easy / Strange Times

Image for What Am I Living For/ Something Special

Dale And Grace

What Am I Living For / Something Special

Image for Sunspots Ep/ 4 Tracks

Julian Cope

Sunspots Ep / 4 Tracks

Image for I Saw Linda Yesterday/ The Girl I Can't Forget

Dickey Lee

I Saw Linda Yesterday / The Girl I Can't Forget

Image for Patches/ More Or Less

Dickey Lee

Patches / More Or Less

Image for Playing Games Of Love/ California

Gene Pitney

Playing Games Of Love / California

Image for Two Bananas In Love/ Same

Marty And The Mellow Yellow Bunch

Two Bananas In Love / Same

Image for Carolina Moon/ Stupid Cupid

Connie Francis

Carolina Moon / Stupid Cupid

Image for Julie My Woman/ Out Of Hand


Julie My Woman / Out Of Hand

Image for Girls Can Get It/ Doin' It

Dr. Hook

Girls Can Get It / Doin' It

Image for Boston/ I Can't Say No


Boston / I Can't Say No

Image for Like An Eagle/ I'm A Dancer

Dennis Parker

Like An Eagle / I'm A Dancer

Image for Funny/ To Love


Funny / To Love

Image for Lady Samantha/ It's Me That You Need

Elton John

Lady Samantha / It's Me That You Need

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