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Image for I Know You'll Be My Love/ Christopher Columbus


I Know You'll Be My Love / Christopher Columbus

Image for Promise/ Little Boy Blue

Johnny October

Promise / Little Boy Blue

Image for Just Because Of A Kiss/ Bacon Fat

Williams Andre

Just Because Of A Kiss / Bacon Fat

Image for Soul Food (that's What I Like)/ Goodbye, Bessie Mae

Lonnie Youngblood

Soul Food (that's What I Like) / Goodbye, Bessie Mae

Image for Wide, Wide World/ Since Sandy Moved Away

Dave Sampson

Wide, Wide World / Since Sandy Moved Away

Image for Debora/ One Inch Rock+woodland Bop +1

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Debora / One Inch Rock+woodland Bop +1

Image for I Can Take You To The Sun/ Who Do You Love


I Can Take You To The Sun / Who Do You Love

Image for Wild Thing/ From Home


Wild Thing / From Home

Image for Bobby Is A Bad Bad Boy/ White Satin

Barbara Perry

Bobby Is A Bad Bad Boy / White Satin

Image for I Don't Want Our Loving To Die/ Our Fairy Tale


I Don't Want Our Loving To Die / Our Fairy Tale

Image for Higher And Higher/ Willie And Laura Mae Jones

Normie Rowe

Higher And Higher / Willie And Laura Mae Jones

Image for The Keys To My Soul/ Leave Me To Cry


The Keys To My Soul / Leave Me To Cry

Image for From The Underworld/ Sweet William


From The Underworld / Sweet William

Image for Ivory Tower/ All Around This Heart

Jerri Adams

Ivory Tower / All Around This Heart

Image for Wild Cat Rock/ Easy Street


Wild Cat Rock / Easy Street

Image for Crazy Little Mama/ Heartaches

Myron And The Van-dells

Crazy Little Mama / Heartaches

Image for Why Don't We Live Together/ Same: 2.24 Mono Version

N. E. Philly Band

Why Don't We Live Together / Same: 2.24 Mono Version

Image for I'll Cry When You're Gone/ I Need You All The Time


I'll Cry When You're Gone / I Need You All The Time

Image for Don't Turn Around/ Really Mystified


Don't Turn Around / Really Mystified

Image for A Million To One/ Hop Scotch Hop

Jimmy Charles

A Million To One / Hop Scotch Hop

Image for Funeral For Disco/ I'm Leavin'

Freeman James

Funeral For Disco / I'm Leavin'

Image for The Game Of Love/ One More Time

Wayne Fontana And The Mindbenders

The Game Of Love / One More Time

Image for Shimmer/ Bomb

Tom Verlaine

Shimmer / Bomb

Image for Stranger/ Same: 3.46 Version


Stranger / Same: 3.46 Version

Image for Sowing The Seeds Of Love/ Tears Roll Down

Tears For Fears

Sowing The Seeds Of Love / Tears Roll Down

Image for Lonely In Love/ Same

Dan Fogelberg

Lonely In Love / Same

Image for Hard To Say I'm Sorry/ Sonny Think Twice


Hard To Say I'm Sorry / Sonny Think Twice

Image for Neanderthal Man/ You Don't Like It, Because You


Neanderthal Man / You Don't Like It, Because You

Are You Sure/ There's One Thing More


Are You Sure / There's One Thing More

When The Hoodoo Comes/ Fine Lilly Fine/mr Soul

Diesel Park West

When The Hoodoo Comes / Fine Lilly Fine/mr Soul

Image for Hearts Of Stone/ Somewhere Listening For My Nam

Blue Ridge Rangers

Hearts Of Stone / Somewhere Listening For My Nam

Image for Eating Me Alive/ Same

Dians Brown And Barrie K Shape

Eating Me Alive / Same

Image for Romance/ Yesterday's Enemy


Romance / Yesterday's Enemy

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