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Image for Heart Trouble/ Up And Down

Eyes Of Blue

Heart Trouble / Up And Down

Image for I Wrapped Her In Ribbons/ Hermit And The Knight


I Wrapped Her In Ribbons / Hermit And The Knight

Image for Linda Lu/ Beachcomber

Wayne Gibson

Linda Lu / Beachcomber

Image for How Sad/ Return Of The Mods


How Sad / Return Of The Mods

Image for Fbi Story/ You'll Be Mine

Rudy Grayzell And The Thunderbirds

Fbi Story / You'll Be Mine

Image for L-o-v-e/ A Million Reasons


L-o-v-e / A Million Reasons

Image for Yves/ Human Race

Everly Brothers

Yves / Human Race

Image for Three Squares/ Baby

Jimmy Gilmer

Three Squares / Baby

Image for Groovy Baby Bubble Gum Music/ I'll Have Ti Live My Life With

Electric Banana

Groovy Baby Bubble Gum Music / I'll Have Ti Live My Life With

Image for Like Strangers/ Brand New Heartache

Everly Brothers

Like Strangers / Brand New Heartache

Image for I'm Without A Girlfriend/ Be Fair


I'm Without A Girlfriend / Be Fair

Image for Down The Line/ Lonely Wine

Mickey Gilley

Down The Line / Lonely Wine

Image for Submarine Race Watching/ Somewhere


Submarine Race Watching / Somewhere

Image for Born To Die/ Strongest Of The Strong

Giorgios Common Cause

Born To Die / Strongest Of The Strong

Image for Cuddle Up Baby/ Clap Your Hands

Hughie Green And Monica

Cuddle Up Baby / Clap Your Hands

Image for Hi Mary/ When Will We Ever Know

Eddie And Mary

Hi Mary / When Will We Ever Know

Image for Follow Me/ I'll Never Get Over You

Everly Brothers

Follow Me / I'll Never Get Over You

Image for I'll Kiss Away Your Tears/ Sunshine Comes To My House

Bobby Gallant

I'll Kiss Away Your Tears / Sunshine Comes To My House

Image for Waitin' For You To Come Home/ Oh My Darling

Allen Greer

Waitin' For You To Come Home / Oh My Darling

Image for Hi Mary/ When Will We Ever Know

Eddie And Mary

Hi Mary / When Will We Ever Know

Image for Tom Hark/ Ry-ry

Elias And His Zig Zag Flutes

Tom Hark / Ry-ry

Image for You May Say Yes/ Two Lips

El Torres

You May Say Yes / Two Lips

Image for It Only Costs A Dime/ The Price Of Love

Everly Brothers

It Only Costs A Dime / The Price Of Love

Image for You're My Girl/ Don't Let The World Know

Everly Brothers

You're My Girl / Don't Let The World Know

Image for Harlem Song/ Same

Fady El Koury

Harlem Song / Same

Image for Carolina In My Mind/ My Little Yellow Bird

Everly Brothers

Carolina In My Mind / My Little Yellow Bird

Image for Down, Down, Down/ It Ain't Easy

Dave Edmunds

Down, Down, Down / It Ain't Easy

Image for L.a. 59/ Ain't It All Amusing


L.a. 59 / Ain't It All Amusing

Image for Black Cat Woman/ Geordie's Lost His Liggie


Black Cat Woman / Geordie's Lost His Liggie

Image for Buick 59 + Coupe De Ville Baby/ The Letter + Mary Lou

Vernon Green And The Medalions

Buick 59 + Coupe De Ville Baby / The Letter + Mary Lou

Image for Good Morning Judge/ Marianne

Phil Gordon

Good Morning Judge / Marianne

Image for Darla, My Darlin/ Ka-ding Dong


Darla, My Darlin / Ka-ding Dong

Image for Universal Party/ Sha-sha


Universal Party / Sha-sha

Image for The Music Never Stopped/ Help On The Way

Grateful Dead

The Music Never Stopped / Help On The Way

Image for Lost Love/ Hey! Good Lookin'

Jeanne Garso coupled with The Down Beats

Lost Love / Hey! Good Lookin'

Image for Sittin' Down Music/ S.s. Man

Gallagher And Lyle

Sittin' Down Music / S.s. Man

Image for Give Me A Sweetheart/ That'll Be The Day

Everly Brothers

Give Me A Sweetheart / That'll Be The Day

Image for Romp And Stomp The Joint/ My Baby's Gone Boppin'

Mark Eldridge And Beverly Hills Bops

Romp And Stomp The Joint / My Baby's Gone Boppin'

Image for We Got To Go/ Zandoo


We Got To Go / Zandoo

Image for Love Her/ The Girl Sang The Blues

Everly Brothers

Love Her / The Girl Sang The Blues

Image for One Of These Nights/ Vivions


One Of These Nights / Vivions

Image for Tryin'/ Chug All Night


Tryin' / Chug All Night

Image for After Weddin' Horn Honkin' Blues/ I Was Feelin' Low

Eddie Garson

After Weddin' Horn Honkin' Blues / I Was Feelin' Low

No Chemise, Please/ Girl Of My Dreams

Gerry Granahan

No Chemise, Please / Girl Of My Dreams

Image for Ben Crazy/ Flip Side

Benny Goodman

Ben Crazy / Flip Side

Image for Make Up Your Mind/ Call Me Away


Make Up Your Mind / Call Me Away

Image for A Girl Has To Know/ (there Never Was A Dog Like) L


A Girl Has To Know / (there Never Was A Dog Like) L

Image for One Day At A Time/ Rainbow Love

Don Gibson

One Day At A Time / Rainbow Love

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