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Image for Crazy Little Horn/ Google-eye'd

Craig Alden

Crazy Little Horn / Google-eye'd

Image for I Don't Want To Miss A Thing/ 1998 Test Press


I Don't Want To Miss A Thing / 1998 Test Press

Image for Dede Dinah/ Ooh La La

Frankie Avalon

Dede Dinah / Ooh La La

Image for Solar Level/ To R.k.

Johnny Almond Music Machine

Solar Level / To R.k.

Image for Green Mellow Hill/ Baby You've Got To Stay

Angel Pavement

Green Mellow Hill / Baby You've Got To Stay

Image for Please Stay With Me/ Heart And Soul

Tony Amaro

Please Stay With Me / Heart And Soul

Image for Goodbye Blues/ Baby Say You Will

Jesse Allen

Goodbye Blues / Baby Say You Will

Image for You Better Keep Ouit Of My Way/ People Come, People Go


You Better Keep Ouit Of My Way / People Come, People Go

Image for Do You Miss Me/ Whoopee (loves A Wonderful Thi

Mimi Allen

Do You Miss Me / Whoopee (loves A Wonderful Thi

Image for We Belong Together/ When A Girl Falls In Love

Carl Angelica coupled with The Vel-vettes

We Belong Together / When A Girl Falls In Love

Image for How Can I Tell Him/ Look Who's Blue

Annette And The Keymen

How Can I Tell Him / Look Who's Blue

Image for Peanut Brittle/ Cool Water


Peanut Brittle / Cool Water

Image for Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies/ Standing Still


Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies / Standing Still

Image for Bop Bop Bop/ My Promise To You

Paul Anthony

Bop Bop Bop / My Promise To You

April Showers/ Jolie Gendarme

Anvil Flutes And Capricorn Voices

April Showers / Jolie Gendarme

Image for I Need Your Love/ Sweet Caroline

Tomy Ambrose

I Need Your Love / Sweet Caroline

Image for Adrienne/ Got No Sunshine In My Soul

Budd Albright

Adrienne / Got No Sunshine In My Soul

Image for Yes Sir/ Sally Goes Round The Moon

Art Movement

Yes Sir / Sally Goes Round The Moon

Image for Grab On/ Can't Live My Life

Crabby Appleton

Grab On / Can't Live My Life

Image for Puddin' N' Tain (ask Me Again I'll Tell)/ Feel So Good

Alley Cats

Puddin' N' Tain (ask Me Again I'll Tell) / Feel So Good

Image for Won't You Be My Valentine/ Little Lost Lover

Dore Alpert

Won't You Be My Valentine / Little Lost Lover

Image for The Fickle Chicken/ Kabalo


The Fickle Chicken / Kabalo

Image for Telegraph/ Caravan


Telegraph / Caravan

Image for Without Her Heart/ Lady Of Spain

Johnny Angel

Without Her Heart / Lady Of Spain

Image for A Life Less Ordinary/ Where Is Our Love Going/what D


A Life Less Ordinary / Where Is Our Love Going/what D

Image for Happier/ Closing Doors

Paul Anka

Happier / Closing Doors

Image for Gin House/ I Know

Amen Corner

Gin House / I Know

Image for Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops/ Talk Talk Talk

Frankie Avalon

Don't Throw Away All Those Teardrops / Talk Talk Talk

Image for Celebration/ Kingdom


Celebration / Kingdom

Image for I Can't Resist/ Blue Sky

Salix Alba

I Can't Resist / Blue Sky

Image for Windy/ Sometime


Windy / Sometime

Image for City Lights/ Rockabilly Stroll

Rockin Johnny Austin

City Lights / Rockabilly Stroll

Image for Peggy's Party/ Count Every Star

Billy Adams

Peggy's Party / Count Every Star

Image for Homocide/ Soldier


Homocide / Soldier

Image for There's Only One/ Molasses

Charlie Allen

There's Only One / Molasses

Image for You/ She's The One For One


You / She's The One For One

Image for Hello Susie/ Evil Man's Gonna Win

Amen Corner

Hello Susie / Evil Man's Gonna Win

Image for Bang-shang-a-lang/ Truck Driver


Bang-shang-a-lang / Truck Driver

Image for Let's Sit And Talk/ I Don't Know Why

Gene Allison

Let's Sit And Talk / I Don't Know Why

Image for Leg Box/ Reggae Deck

Chico Arnez

Leg Box / Reggae Deck

Image for Gotta Get A Girl/ Who Else But You

Frankie Avalon

Gotta Get A Girl / Who Else But You

Image for It Happened At The Hop/ Love Can Do Most Anything

Austin Sisters

It Happened At The Hop / Love Can Do Most Anything

Image for Chokthere/ Movin' On/chokthere (bombay Mi

Apache Indian

Chokthere / Movin' On/chokthere (bombay Mi

Image for Ivory Tower/ All Around This Heart

Jerri Adams

Ivory Tower / All Around This Heart

Image for Vagabonds/ Maid Of The Mist

Aristocrats Featuring Johnny Kay

Vagabonds / Maid Of The Mist

Image for After You've Gone/ If You Don't Think I'm Leaving

Frankie Avalon

After You've Gone / If You Don't Think I'm Leaving

Image for Ventura Highway/ Saturn Nights


Ventura Highway / Saturn Nights

Image for My Little Girl/ Sun Sunshine


My Little Girl / Sun Sunshine

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