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Image for Call Me My Pet/ Give Me Your Love

Owen Gray

Call Me My Pet / Give Me Your Love

Image for Won't You Come Home/ I've Been Lonely

Gaylads coupled with Peter And Hortense

Won't You Come Home / I've Been Lonely

Image for Hold Me Tight/ Cupid

Owen Grey And The Rudis

Hold Me Tight / Cupid

Image for Ten Feet Tall/ Chapter

Joe Gibbs

Ten Feet Tall / Chapter

Mellow/ Mellow Up Yourself

Bonnie Gayle coupled with Rhythm Tracs

Mellow / Mellow Up Yourself

Image for Lady With The Red Dress/ Dinner For Two


Lady With The Red Dress / Dinner For Two

Image for Wan't To Be Loved/ Puss See Hole

Winston Groovy And Upsetter

Wan't To Be Loved / Puss See Hole

Image for Running Around/ Million $

Owen Grey

Running Around / Million $

Image for Please Don't Make Me Cry/ Motion On The Ocean

Winston Groovey

Please Don't Make Me Cry / Motion On The Ocean

Image for Hello Carol/ More Reggae

Gladiators coupled with Richard Ace

Hello Carol / More Reggae

Love Walked In/ Love Walked In Part 2

Marcia Griffith

Love Walked In / Love Walked In Part 2

Image for Lover's Question/ Blue Moon

Herbie Gray And Rudies

Lover's Question / Blue Moon

Image for Yodel Reggae/ Dub

Leroy Gibbs

Yodel Reggae / Dub

Image for Rocking Robin/ Version

Basil Greenlite

Rocking Robin / Version

Image for Man From Carolina/ Gold On Your Dress

Gg All Stars coupled with Slickers

Man From Carolina / Gold On Your Dress

Image for Suffering In The Land/ You Poured Sugar On Me

Owen Grey

Suffering In The Land / You Poured Sugar On Me

Image for High School Dance/ Lion Head

Earl George coupled with Alfred Scott

High School Dance / Lion Head

Image for Hog A Yu Muma/ Version

Gospel Fish

Hog A Yu Muma / Version

Image for Heaven Help Us/ Can't Do Without Your Love

Winston Groovy

Heaven Help Us / Can't Do Without Your Love

Image for Gritty, Gritty/ Version 3

Anthony Goodwin And Bongo Herman

Gritty, Gritty / Version 3

Image for I'll Find Love/ What You Gonna Do

Basil Gabbidon coupled with Mellow Larks

I'll Find Love / What You Gonna Do

Image for Far Love/ Please Let Me Go

Owen Gray

Far Love / Please Let Me Go

Image for Patricia/ Twist Baby

Owen Gray

Patricia / Twist Baby

Image for Free The People/ Not Now

Winston Groovey

Free The People / Not Now

Image for Patricia/ Twist Baby

Owen Gray

Patricia / Twist Baby

Image for Nice To Be With You/ Version

Hugh Griffiths

Nice To Be With You / Version

Image for Tumblin Dice/ Same: Instrumental

Owen Gray

Tumblin Dice / Same: Instrumental

Image for Holiday Ride/ No Disturbance


Holiday Ride / No Disturbance

Image for Guilty/ Not Guilty

Boris Gardiner

Guilty / Not Guilty

Image for Fire In A Trench Town/ Fire In A Dub

Owen Gray

Fire In A Trench Town / Fire In A Dub

Image for Yellow Bird/ For Your Love

Winston Groovy

Yellow Bird / For Your Love

Image for Elizabethian Reggae/ Soul Serenade

Boris Gardiner coupled with Byron Lee

Elizabethian Reggae / Soul Serenade

Image for Zion 'iah/ Version


Zion 'iah / Version

Image for Hurricane/ Sugar Shirley

Owen Gray

Hurricane / Sugar Shirley

Image for I Just Love You/ Love Dub

Sophia George coupled with Winner All Stars

I Just Love You / Love Dub

Image for Oh My My/ Puppet And Clown

Winston Groovy

Oh My My / Puppet And Clown

Image for Tender Roni/ Version

Brian Gold And Tony

Tender Roni / Version

Image for Really Together/ Version

Marcia Griffiths And Cutty Ranks

Really Together / Version

Image for Hold Me Tight/ Mr. Walker

Carlos Granados

Hold Me Tight / Mr. Walker

Image for Put Me In Jail/ Version

Owen Gray

Put Me In Jail / Version

Image for Mini Bus/ Version

General Tree

Mini Bus / Version

Image for Bongo Natty/ Look What You Done

Owen Gray

Bongo Natty / Look What You Done

Image for Nose For Trouble/ Samething - Version

Winston Groovy coupled with Rhythm Rulers

Nose For Trouble / Samething - Version

Image for I Wanna Be Loved/ Get Back Together

Winston Groovey

I Wanna Be Loved / Get Back Together

Image for If You're Ready Come Go With Me/ Dub Ali Dub Version

Vin Gordon coupled with Skin Flesh Bone

If You're Ready Come Go With Me / Dub Ali Dub Version

Heaven Help Us/ Can't Do Without Your Love

Winston Groovy

Heaven Help Us / Can't Do Without Your Love

Image for Born Gunman/ Verion


Born Gunman / Verion

Image for Darling I Like It/ Soul Charm

Gold Connection

Darling I Like It / Soul Charm

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