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Image for Version Galore/ Original 1971 Uk Press


Version Galore / Original 1971 Uk Press

Scratch: The Upsetter Again/ Bad Tooth, Soul Walk, Mule Tra


Scratch: The Upsetter Again / Bad Tooth, Soul Walk, Mule Tra

Image for Thousand Dances/ Why You Did It

Carlton Livingston

Thousand Dances / Why You Did It

Image for Hi Yo Silver Away/ Immaculate 1982 Uk Press

Lone Ranger

Hi Yo Silver Away / Immaculate 1982 Uk Press

Return Of The Super Ape/ Jamaican Press


Return Of The Super Ape / Jamaican Press

Image for Dancing Is Forever/ 1975 Jamaican Press

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

Dancing Is Forever / 1975 Jamaican Press

Image for Hardcore Loving/ Selfish Lover

J. C. Lodge And Shabba Ranks

Hardcore Loving / Selfish Lover

Image for Reggay/ Too Experienced,soul Serenade

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires

Reggay / Too Experienced,soul Serenade

Upsetter Collection/ 16 Tracks 1981 Uk Press


Upsetter Collection / 16 Tracks 1981 Uk Press

Image for Got To Make It Up/ Got To Make It Up Part 2

J. C. Lodge

Got To Make It Up / Got To Make It Up Part 2

Image for Rasta Ambassador/ 1977 Uk Press


Rasta Ambassador / 1977 Uk Press

Image for It's Parting Time/ Rocking Time

Linford Lee

It's Parting Time / Rocking Time

Man Shortage/ Bandaloo Style


Man Shortage / Bandaloo Style

Image for Rockers For Lovers/ 1980 Uk Press

Eddie Lovette

Rockers For Lovers / 1980 Uk Press

Image for Make It With You/ Untitled Track

J. C. Lodge

Make It With You / Untitled Track

Image for Got To Make It Up/ Dub Version

J. C. Lodge

Got To Make It Up / Dub Version

Rat In The Kitchen/ Rat In The Kitchen Dep Mix


Rat In The Kitchen / Rat In The Kitchen Dep Mix

Image for Hotter Fire/ Mad Man & Coal Man

Little Twitch coupled with Gregory Peck

Hotter Fire / Mad Man & Coal Man

Image for Let's Try Again/ 1983 Miami, Florida Press

Eddie Lovette

Let's Try Again / 1983 Miami, Florida Press

Image for Drum Song/ 10 Tracks

Willie Lindo

Drum Song / 10 Tracks

Image for Small Talking/ Sweet Soul Rocking

Carlton Lewis

Small Talking / Sweet Soul Rocking

Image for Baggariddim/ 1985 Uk Dbl In Gatefold


Baggariddim / 1985 Uk Dbl In Gatefold

Image for Rat In The Kitchen/ Immaculate 1988 Uk Press


Rat In The Kitchen / Immaculate 1988 Uk Press

Image for Rocking The Night Away/ Food For Love

Phillip Leo

Rocking The Night Away / Food For Love

Image for Mr Music Man/ Herbcutter

Carlton Livingston

Mr Music Man / Herbcutter

Image for Crying In The Ghetto/ Ghetto Crying

Jimmy London

Crying In The Ghetto / Ghetto Crying

Image for Where Is Your Love/ Daughters Of Babylon

Jimmy Lindsay

Where Is Your Love / Daughters Of Babylon

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