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Image for East Of Handsworth/ East Of Handsworth 2

Linton Haughton

East Of Handsworth / East Of Handsworth 2

Blackman's Foundation/ 1983

Hugh Mundell

Blackman's Foundation / 1983

Image for If Only/ You Got To Show Me

Tony Lawrence

If Only / You Got To Show Me

Image for Broken Heart/ You're Really Leaving

Pat Rhoden And D.d. Dennis

Broken Heart / You're Really Leaving

Image for One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer/ Maximum Pressure


One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer / Maximum Pressure

Image for Give Over/ Never Before

Lionel Simpson

Give Over / Never Before

Image for Riding/ Version

Bunny Wailer

Riding / Version

Image for Tell Me What You Want/ Love Is A Game

Lionel Simpson

Tell Me What You Want / Love Is A Game

Image for Cling To Me/ Buttterfly

Horell Dawkins

Cling To Me / Buttterfly

Image for Pussy Cat/ Sweet Sweet Jenny

Stranger Cole coupled with Maytals

Pussy Cat / Sweet Sweet Jenny

Image for Won't You Come Home/ I've Been Lonely

Gaylads coupled with Peter And Hortense

Won't You Come Home / I've Been Lonely

Image for Hard Not To Like You/ Just Like You


Hard Not To Like You / Just Like You

Image for Paradise/ Paradub

Jean Adebambo coupled with Santic All Stars

Paradise / Paradub

Image for Every Knee Shall Bow/ Version

Johnny Clarke And U Roy

Every Knee Shall Bow / Version

Image for Lambs Bread International/ Lego The Hurb Man Dub

Welton Irie coupled with Glen Brown

Lambs Bread International / Lego The Hurb Man Dub

Image for My Darling/ Best Friends

Maytals coupled with Charmers

My Darling / Best Friends

Image for Sunshine For Me/ Untitled

Gregory Isaacs

Sunshine For Me / Untitled

Dubd'sco Volume 1/ 1978 Jamaican Press

Bunny Wailer

Dubd'sco Volume 1 / 1978 Jamaican Press

Image for Down Santic Way/ Santic In Dub

Big Joe coupled with Santic All Stars

Down Santic Way / Santic In Dub

Image for Butter & Bread/ Version

Lloyd Young

Butter & Bread / Version

Image for Running Around/ Million $

Owen Grey

Running Around / Million $

Image for Only Sixteen/ Baby

Alton Ellis coupled with Heptones

Only Sixteen / Baby

Image for Puppet On A String/ Lookaway Ska

Ken Boothe coupled with Roland Alphonso

Puppet On A String / Lookaway Ska

Image for Only Sixteen/ Baby

Alton Ellis

Only Sixteen / Baby

Image for Hello Carol/ More Reggae

Gladiators coupled with Richard Ace

Hello Carol / More Reggae

Image for Get Together/ Instalment Plan

Carl Dawkins coupled with Family Man

Get Together / Instalment Plan

Image for Shoo-be-doo-be/ Sweet Heart Of Beauty


Shoo-be-doo-be / Sweet Heart Of Beauty

Image for High Up Above/ Africa

Sugar Minott

High Up Above / Africa

Image for Got To Let You Know/ Version

Carol Campbell

Got To Let You Know / Version

Image for Spend The Night/ Version

Patrick Rose

Spend The Night / Version

Image for Peeping Tom/ Version

Norman Watson

Peeping Tom / Version

Image for Peeping Tom/ Version


Peeping Tom / Version

Image for Message From A Blackman/ Version Ii

Derrick Harriott

Message From A Blackman / Version Ii

Image for Majority Rules/ Ten Steps Forward

Caretaker coupled with Ellis Band

Majority Rules / Ten Steps Forward

Image for Things Not Easy/ Ration

Meditators coupled with Bongo Herman

Things Not Easy / Ration

Image for Undertakers Burial/ Ghost Rider


Undertakers Burial / Ghost Rider

Image for I'm In Love/ Version

Carol Campbell coupled with Patrick Rose

I'm In Love / Version

Image for Horn Of Africa/ 6 Tracks

Dubplate Vibes Crew-band

Horn Of Africa / 6 Tracks

Dubdisco Volume 2/ 1981 Jamaican Press

Bunny Wailer

Dubdisco Volume 2 / 1981 Jamaican Press

Image for Keep That Light/ Keep That Light Part 2

Johnny Osbourne And The Prophets

Keep That Light / Keep That Light Part 2

Image for Rise Up/ 3.35 + 3.32 Version

Moja Nya

Rise Up / 3.35 + 3.32 Version

Image for Pupa Lick/ Leave My Business Alone

Soul Vendors coupled with Ethiopians

Pupa Lick / Leave My Business Alone

Image for Loving Her Was Easier/ Bring Back The Love

Lloyd Charmers

Loving Her Was Easier / Bring Back The Love

Image for Medley In 5  Part One/ Medley In 5  Part Two

Derrick Harriott

Medley In 5 Part One / Medley In 5 Part Two

Image for Let It Fall/ Can't Change

Eugene And Burst coupled with Denzil & Burst

Let It Fall / Can't Change

My Jamaican Girl/ Version


My Jamaican Girl / Version

Image for Live And Learn/ Version

Alton Ellis coupled with Soul Vendors

Live And Learn / Version

Image for Rivers Of Babylon/ Babylon Version


Rivers Of Babylon / Babylon Version

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