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Image for Lambs Bread International/ Lego The Hurb Man Dub

Welton Irie coupled with Glen Brown

Lambs Bread International / Lego The Hurb Man Dub

Image for Sunshine For Me/ Untitled

Gregory Isaacs

Sunshine For Me / Untitled

Image for Musical Drum Sound/ Version

I. Roy

Musical Drum Sound / Version

Image for Lilly Of My Valley/ 1985 Uk Press

Ijahman Levi

Lilly Of My Valley / 1985 Uk Press

Image for Tell It To The Children/ Texture Sleeve + Insert

Ijahman Levi

Tell It To The Children / Texture Sleeve + Insert

Image for Showcase/ Original Jamaican Press

Gregory Isaacs

Showcase / Original Jamaican Press

Image for Cuffy Guffy/ Arawack Version

Inner Minds

Cuffy Guffy / Arawack Version

Image for Stop Teasing/ Invaders At The Carnival


Stop Teasing / Invaders At The Carnival

Image for Education Is Free/ Presenting I Roy

I. Roy

Education Is Free / Presenting I Roy

Image for Black Man Time/ High Jacking

I. Roy

Black Man Time / High Jacking

Image for Get To Know/ Getting On Version

Interns coupled with Techniques Allstars

Get To Know / Getting On Version

Image for World Of Fire/ 1978 Uk Press


World Of Fire / 1978 Uk Press

Image for Woman I Need Your Loving/ Woman I Need Your Loving Pt 2


Woman I Need Your Loving / Woman I Need Your Loving Pt 2

Image for Night Nurse Discomix/ Material Man

Gregory Isaacs

Night Nurse Discomix / Material Man

Image for The Lonely Lover/ Original 1980 Uk Press

Gregory Isaacs

The Lonely Lover / Original 1980 Uk Press

Image for Call Me Name/ Version

Derrick Irie

Call Me Name / Version

Image for I Need Your Love/ Version;

Gregory Isaacs

I Need Your Love / Version;

Cool Ruler/ Original 1978 Jamaican Press

Gregory Isaacs

Cool Ruler / Original 1978 Jamaican Press

Image for Kolo-ko Duppyless Re-mix/ Kolo-ko R.m.i. Mix

Clement Irie

Kolo-ko Duppyless Re-mix / Kolo-ko R.m.i. Mix

Image for Extra Classic/ Version

Gregory Issacs

Extra Classic / Version

Image for Cool Ruler/ Original 1978  Uk Press

Gregory Isaacs

Cool Ruler / Original 1978 Uk Press

Image for Lover's Rock/ Double In Gatefold Sleeeve

Gregory Isaacs

Lover's Rock / Double In Gatefold Sleeeve

Image for Mind Yu Dis/ Version

Gregory Isaacs

Mind Yu Dis / Version

It's True/ Version

I Society coupled with Bcb

It's True / Version

Image for Love Has Join Us/ Cross Over The Bridge

David Isaac coupled with Max Romeo

Love Has Join Us / Cross Over The Bridge

Image for Love Is Overdue/ Love Is Overdue Part 2

Gregory Isaacs

Love Is Overdue / Love Is Overdue Part 2

Image for Buck And The Preacher/ Version

I Roy

Buck And The Preacher / Version

Image for Ital Dish/ Version

I Roy

Ital Dish / Version

Image for Everything Is Great/ Wanted Dead Or Alive + Collieb

Inner Circle

Everything Is Great / Wanted Dead Or Alive + Collieb

Image for Top Ten/ Chazrt Version

Gregory Isaacs

Top Ten / Chazrt Version

Image for Out Deh/ 1983 Uk Press

Gregory Isaacs

Out Deh / 1983 Uk Press

Image for Next To You/ A Few Words

Gregory Isaacs

Next To You / A Few Words

Image for Welding/ Version

I. Roy

Welding / Version

Image for I.o.u./ A Flawless 1989 Uk Press

Gregory Isaacs

I.o.u. / A Flawless 1989 Uk Press

Image for Good Mommy/ Version

Terry Irie

Good Mommy / Version

Image for Happy Anniversary/ Version

Gregory Isaac

Happy Anniversary / Version

Image for At The Academy Brixton/ Flawless 21984 Uk Press

Gregory Isaacs

At The Academy Brixton / Flawless 21984 Uk Press

Image for Modeling Shorts/ Version

Rohan Irie

Modeling Shorts / Version

Image for Jazzbo Have Fe Run/ Version

I Roy

Jazzbo Have Fe Run / Version

Don't Go/ Dub Wise

Gregory Isaacs

Don't Go / Dub Wise

Image for Don't Believe In Him/ Who Cares

Gregory Isaacs

Don't Believe In Him / Who Cares

Image for Hey Girl/ Version

I Kool

Hey Girl / Version

Lonely Days/ Version

Gregory Isaacs

Lonely Days / Version

Image for Balerina/ Version

Welton Irie

Balerina / Version

Image for Everythihg Is Great/ Pristine 1979 Uk Press

Inner Circle

Everythihg Is Great / Pristine 1979 Uk Press

Image for My Native Woman/ Version

Gregory Isaacs

My Native Woman / Version

Image for Precious World/ Precuious Dub

I - Threes

Precious World / Precuious Dub

Image for Man Time/ Version

I Roy

Man Time / Version

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