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Image for One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer/ Maximum Pressure


One Scotch One Bourbon One Beer / Maximum Pressure

Image for Cling To Me/ Buttterfly

Horell Dawkins

Cling To Me / Buttterfly

Image for Puppet On A String/ Have You Fun


Puppet On A String / Have You Fun

Image for Sons Of Slaves/ At The Feast

J. Delgado

Sons Of Slaves / At The Feast

Image for When I Was A Little Girl/ I'm So Lonely

Silkie Davis

When I Was A Little Girl / I'm So Lonely

Image for You Got To Pray/ Now I Have You


You Got To Pray / Now I Have You

Image for Get Together/ Instalment Plan

Carl Dawkins coupled with Family Man

Get Together / Instalment Plan

Image for Sincerely/ Version

Shenley Duffas

Sincerely / Version

Image for Darling/ People Make The World Go Round

Errol Dunkley

Darling / People Make The World Go Round

Image for Israelites/ The Man

Desmond Dekker coupled with Beverlys Allsta

Israelites / The Man

Image for Making A Way/ Two Sides To A Story

Brent Dowe

Making A Way / Two Sides To A Story

Image for Why Birds Follow Spring/ Licking Stick

Errol Dunkley

Why Birds Follow Spring / Licking Stick

Walk A Little Prouder/ Version

Carl Dawkins coupled with Youth Professiona

Walk A Little Prouder / Version

Image for Night Food Reggae/ Jaco

Nora Dean coupled with Prophets

Night Food Reggae / Jaco

Image for Mind Blowing Decisions/ Trench Town Skank

Tyrone David

Mind Blowing Decisions / Trench Town Skank

Image for Horn Of Africa/ 6 Tracks

Dubplate Vibes Crew-band

Horn Of Africa / 6 Tracks

Image for Pickney Gal/ Generosity

Desmond Dekker

Pickney Gal / Generosity

Image for We Shall Overcome/ Version

Danny Dread

We Shall Overcome / Version

Image for When You Hot You Hot/ Version

Sly Dunbar

When You Hot You Hot / Version

Image for Love Won't Come Easy/ Frozen Soul

Junior Delgado coupled with Lennox Brown

Love Won't Come Easy / Frozen Soul

Image for Raining In My Heart/ First Note


Raining In My Heart / First Note

Image for Nosey Parker/ Same: Instrumental

George Dekker

Nosey Parker / Same: Instrumental

Image for That Wonderful Sound/ I Wasn't Born Yesterday

Dobby Dobson

That Wonderful Sound / I Wasn't Born Yesterday

Build Me Up/ Version

Brent Dowe coupled with Gaytones

Build Me Up / Version

Image for No Sweeter Way/ Sweet Version

Brent Dowe

No Sweeter Way / Sweet Version

Image for It Miek/ Problems

Desmond Dekker And The Aces

It Miek / Problems

Image for There Is A Mountain/ This Music Got Soul


There Is A Mountain / This Music Got Soul

Image for Stay For The Summer/ Same: Mono


Stay For The Summer / Same: Mono

Image for Cokane In My Brain/ Buckingham Palace Ragnampiza


Cokane In My Brain / Buckingham Palace Ragnampiza

Image for Stealing Love On The Side/ Same: Instrumental

Carlene Davis

Stealing Love On The Side / Same: Instrumental

Image for Tears From My Eyes/ Mr. Destiny

Teddy Davis

Tears From My Eyes / Mr. Destiny

Image for Gimme Music/ Let's Pick Up From Where We Le


Gimme Music / Let's Pick Up From Where We Le

Image for It Mek/ Problems

Desmond Dekker And The Aces

It Mek / Problems

Image for Three Tops Time/ Tops Version

Dion And The Three Tops

Three Tops Time / Tops Version

Image for The News Is Out/ Version

Brent Dowe coupled with Gaytones

The News Is Out / Version

The Masquerade Is Over/ Love For Ambition

Dobby Dobson

The Masquerade Is Over / Love For Ambition

Image for Sea Wave/ Look Before You Leap

Derrick And Patsy

Sea Wave / Look Before You Leap

Image for Could It Be True/ B Side

Dandy And Jackie coupled with Conthos

Could It Be True / B Side

Image for Chopsticks/ Belmont Street

Deltones coupled with Des Bryan

Chopsticks / Belmont Street

Image for Roots Man Revival/ Roots Man Dub

Mikey Dread

Roots Man Revival / Roots Man Dub

Image for Sincerely/ Version

Shenley Duffus

Sincerely / Version

Image for Drift Away/ Upside Down

George Dekker

Drift Away / Upside Down

Image for Tribal War/ War Dubbing


Tribal War / War Dubbing

Image for Cokane In My Brain/ 4 Different Mixes


Cokane In My Brain / 4 Different Mixes

Image for At The Right Time/ London Indie Album

Carlene Davis

At The Right Time / London Indie Album

Image for Romping In My Room/ Version

Astley Dixon coupled with Stage Lion

Romping In My Room / Version

Image for Breath Fresh/ Version

Daddy Meeky

Breath Fresh / Version

Image for I'm Indebted/ Version

Eric Donaldson

I'm Indebted / Version

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