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Hell And Sorrow/ Original 1973 Uk Press

I Roy

Hell And Sorrow / Original 1973 Uk Press

Image for Broken Heart/ You're Really Leaving

Pat Rhoden And D.d. Dennis

Broken Heart / You're Really Leaving

Image for Bosrah/ Vesion

Rasalla And The Spear

Bosrah / Vesion

Presenting/ Original Uk Press

I Roy

Presenting / Original Uk Press

Image for Jamaica Blue Beat: King Of Kings/ Little Girl+blue Beat Dance +

Ezz Reco And The Launchers

Jamaica Blue Beat: King Of Kings / Little Girl+blue Beat Dance +

Image for Studio Blitz/ Don't Give Up

Winston Richards

Studio Blitz / Don't Give Up

Image for Two Ton Gulleto/ Version

Hugh Roy Junior

Two Ton Gulleto / Version

Image for Sunny Soil/ Rare London Indie Press

Martel Robinson

Sunny Soil / Rare London Indie Press

Image for Life/ Version

Red Rose C/ Firehouse Crew

Life / Version

Image for Rub-a-dub/ Baby Come Home

Roy Richards

Rub-a-dub / Baby Come Home

Freelance/ An Immaculate Flawless Copy

Roots Radics

Freelance / An Immaculate Flawless Copy

Image for Engine 59/ My Girl


Engine 59 / My Girl

Image for Hurt/ Version

Reids All Stars

Hurt / Version

Image for Janet Sinclair/ Agony Column Dub

Roots Radics

Janet Sinclair / Agony Column Dub

Image for Don't Be A Rude Boy/ Be Good


Don't Be A Rude Boy / Be Good

Image for Do The Della Skank/ Version

Red Dragon

Do The Della Skank / Version

Image for On Top Of The Peak/ Rack-a-tack

U Roy coupled with Typhoon All Stars

On Top Of The Peak / Rack-a-tack

Image for Oh Shirley/ Marie

Roy And Millie

Oh Shirley / Marie

Image for Love And Emotion/ Love (version) Two

Righteous Flames

Love And Emotion / Love (version) Two

Image for Love Rasta/ Love Rasta Version

Gideon Jah Rubbaal

Love Rasta / Love Rasta Version

Image for Pray For Me/ Version

Max Romeo coupled with The Gaytones

Pray For Me / Version

Crossover/ A Jackie Mittoo Production

Winston Reedy

Crossover / A Jackie Mittoo Production

Image for Spend The Night/ Version

Patrick Rose

Spend The Night / Version

Image for Wonderful Sound/ Rock & Cry

Winston Reedy And Agnita

Wonderful Sound / Rock & Cry

Image for Kingston Town/ 3 Mixes

Danny Ray

Kingston Town / 3 Mixes

Image for Barbwire/ Barbwire Remix

Samantha Rose

Barbwire / Barbwire Remix

Image for Let The Red Wine Flow/ 1969 Uk Press

Pat Rhoden And D.d. Dennis

Let The Red Wine Flow / 1969 Uk Press

Image for Copasetic/ Too Late


Copasetic / Too Late

Image for Wear You To The Ball/ The Ball

Hugh Roy And John Holt

Wear You To The Ball / The Ball

Image for The Higher The Mountain/ Version

Hugh Roy And Errol Dunkley

The Higher The Mountain / Version

Image for You Better Be Gone/ I've Been Walking

Beresford Rickets And The Blue Beats

You Better Be Gone / I've Been Walking

Image for Change Partners/ Pleading For Your Love

Cynthia Richards coupled with Selectors

Change Partners / Pleading For Your Love

Image for Divorce/ I'm Getting Married In The Mor

Roots Radics Band coupled with Yellow Man

Divorce / I'm Getting Married In The Mor

Image for Treasure Isle Skank/ Words Of Wisdom

Hugh Roy

Treasure Isle Skank / Words Of Wisdom

Image for Maybe The Next Time/ Got To See You

Pat Rhoden

Maybe The Next Time / Got To See You

Image for Without You In My World/ It's Flowing

A. Rollins

Without You In My World / It's Flowing

Image for King Of The Road/ Version

U. Roy Junior

King Of The Road / Version

Image for Call On I/ D. J. Special

U Roy

Call On I / D. J. Special

Image for Over And Over/ I'll Go

Roy And Millie With Prince Buster All Stars

Over And Over / I'll Go

Image for Le The Wicked Repent/ Repent Version

Max Romeo

Le The Wicked Repent / Repent Version

Image for I'm Leaving/ Version

Romax And Elaine coupled with Soul Syndicates

I'm Leaving / Version

Image for Boat To Progress/ Version

Richard And Glen coupled with Glen Brown

Boat To Progress / Version

Image for Western Standard Time/ What A Agony

Roy Richards coupled with Eagles

Western Standard Time / What A Agony

Image for True Confessions + Calypso/ Rock With Radics

Roots Radics coupled with Little JohAndshadow

True Confessions + Calypso / Rock With Radics

Image for The Higher The Mountain/ Version

Hugh Roy And Errol Dunkley

The Higher The Mountain / Version

Image for Wisdom/ Carnival 78

Ranking Super Star

Wisdom / Carnival 78

Image for Never Say Goodbye/ This World

Roy And Millie

Never Say Goodbye / This World

Image for King Of Kings/ Blue Beat Dance

Ezz Reco And The Launchers

King Of Kings / Blue Beat Dance

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