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Image for What Kind Of World/ My Broken Heart


What Kind Of World / My Broken Heart

Image for Mothers Advice/ Western Organ

Clancy Set

Mothers Advice / Western Organ

Image for What's The Use/ I Am Through


What's The Use / I Am Through

Enter Into His Gates With Praise/ 1975 Uk Original Press

Johnny Clark

Enter Into His Gates With Praise / 1975 Uk Original Press

Image for Hold Up Your Head/ Tank Skank

Errol Carter coupled with Rupie Edwards

Hold Up Your Head / Tank Skank

Image for Pussy Cat/ Sweet Sweet Jenny

Stranger Cole coupled with Maytals

Pussy Cat / Sweet Sweet Jenny

Independent Man/ Creation Rebel

Creation Rebel

Independent Man / Creation Rebel

Image for Ready Talk/ There Is Something About You

Lloyd Chalmers

Ready Talk / There Is Something About You

Image for Warpaint Baby/ I Was Wrong

B. Cabbidon And The Busters Group

Warpaint Baby / I Was Wrong

Image for Sincerely/ Same: Instrumental

Bill Campbell

Sincerely / Same: Instrumental

Image for The Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad/ Original 1982 Uk Press

Captain Sinbad

The Seven Voyages Of Captain Sinbad / Original 1982 Uk Press

Image for None Shall Escape The Judgement/ This Is The Best Version

Jonnie Clarke

None Shall Escape The Judgement / This Is The Best Version

Image for You Don't Know/ Sweetest Girl

Charmers coupled with Cornell And Roy

You Don't Know / Sweetest Girl

Image for Ba Ba Black Sheep/ Come Over Here

C.byrd And Sir Ds Group coupled with Lloyd &

Ba Ba Black Sheep / Come Over Here

Image for The Harder They Come/ Time Is Still Here

Carifta Allstars

The Harder They Come / Time Is Still Here

Image for Hurricane Hatty/ Dearest Beverley

Jimmy Cliff

Hurricane Hatty / Dearest Beverley

Image for I'll Go To Pieces/ Synthetic World

Jimmy Cliff

I'll Go To Pieces / Synthetic World

Image for Eva/ Eva In Dub


Eva / Eva In Dub

Image for Shaft/ Same: Instrumental

Chosen Few

Shaft / Same: Instrumental

Image for Carry, Go, Bring, Come/ Hill And Gully


Carry, Go, Bring, Come / Hill And Gully

Image for Shoo-be-doo-be/ Sweet Heart Of Beauty


Shoo-be-doo-be / Sweet Heart Of Beauty

Image for Sweeter She Is/ Fire Fire


Sweeter She Is / Fire Fire

Image for I Should Be Your Lover/ Lover Man Style

Al Campbell

I Should Be Your Lover / Lover Man Style

Image for Got To Let You Know/ Version

Carol Campbell

Got To Let You Know / Version

Image for Don't Blame Me For Your Mistake/ The Other Side

Rockey Campbell

Don't Blame Me For Your Mistake / The Other Side

Image for You've Changed/ Version

Conrod Crystal

You've Changed / Version

Image for Carry, Go, Bring Home/ Hill And Gully


Carry, Go, Bring Home / Hill And Gully

Image for Come On/ Version


Come On / Version

Image for Rough And Tough/ In The Mood

Stranger Cole coupled with Duke Reid Band

Rough And Tough / In The Mood

Image for Don't Trouble Trouble/ 1989 Uk Press

Johnny Clarke

Don't Trouble Trouble / 1989 Uk Press

Image for Majority Rules/ Ten Steps Forward

Caretaker coupled with Ellis Band

Majority Rules / Ten Steps Forward

Image for Cold I Up/ Version

Johnny Clark

Cold I Up / Version

Image for Love Is Strange/ When We Were Children

Jon Cunoo

Love Is Strange / When We Were Children

Image for Gypsy Woman/ Do Unto Others

Frank Cosmo

Gypsy Woman / Do Unto Others

Image for Swan Lake/ Swing Low


Swan Lake / Swing Low

Image for Oh Fanny/ Running Around

Chuck And Dobby

Oh Fanny / Running Around

Image for More Than A Friend/ Hey Mama Boom-a-lacka

Larry Collins

More Than A Friend / Hey Mama Boom-a-lacka

Image for Perfection Relationship/ Version


Perfection Relationship / Version

Image for I'm In Love/ Version

Carol Campbell coupled with Patrick Rose

I'm In Love / Version

Image for Soca-calypso/ Uk Press

Peter Campbell

Soca-calypso / Uk Press

Image for I Am A King/ Watch And Peep

Corneal Campbell coupled with Kellin Beckfo

I Am A King / Watch And Peep

Image for Danger Commit/ Ruff Neck Rides Again

Cutty Ranks

Danger Commit / Ruff Neck Rides Again

Image for Dread At The Control/ Version

Michael Campbell

Dread At The Control / Version

Image for Duke Of Earl/ Same: Instrumental

Corneal Campbell coupled with Tommy Mccook

Duke Of Earl / Same: Instrumental

Image for If You Should Lose Me/ Version

Johnnie Clarke

If You Should Lose Me / Version

Image for Stranger In Love/ Version

Johnny Clarke

Stranger In Love / Version

Image for Shaft/ Same: Instrumental

Chosen Few coupled with Now Generation

Shaft / Same: Instrumental

Image for History Of Africa/ Honey Bee


History Of Africa / Honey Bee

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