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Image for How Does A Cheating Woman Feel/ Haunted House

Sam The Sham

How Does A Cheating Woman Feel / Haunted House

Image for Rag Doll/ My Request

Cool Sounds

Rag Doll / My Request

Image for Why Should We Stop Now/ This Road (getting Hard)

Shirley Combs

Why Should We Stop Now / This Road (getting Hard)

Image for Not Sympathy/ How Will I Know

Syng Mcgowan And Wayward Sons

Not Sympathy / How Will I Know

Image for I Lost My Heart On A Weekend/ Octipi

Diamond Jim And The Sparklers

I Lost My Heart On A Weekend / Octipi

Image for Valerie/ You Put Me Through Some Change

Joe Sutton

Valerie / You Put Me Through Some Change

Image for Gonna Sit And Cry/ In The Garden

Jimmy Randolph

Gonna Sit And Cry / In The Garden

Image for Stealing/ Letter To A Buddie

Joe Medwick

Stealing / Letter To A Buddie

Image for I'm So Hurt/ Why Did You Leave Me

Little Joe Steele

I'm So Hurt / Why Did You Leave Me

Image for You've Changed/ Big Boy

Jackson Five

You've Changed / Big Boy

Image for I'll Never Leave You/ Cloudy Weather

Willie Harper

I'll Never Leave You / Cloudy Weather

Image for I'll Stay Home/ Down Home


I'll Stay Home / Down Home

Image for The Magic Kiss/ After I Propose


The Magic Kiss / After I Propose

Image for What You Gonna Do/ A Million Tears

Debra Lewis

What You Gonna Do / A Million Tears

Image for Sometime Beats No Time/ Woman And A Half

Charles And The Esquires

Sometime Beats No Time / Woman And A Half

Image for Nothing Sweeter/ Blessing Of Love

Alton And The Flames

Nothing Sweeter / Blessing Of Love

Image for I Was Wrong/ Couldn't Go To Sleep

Jerry Butler

I Was Wrong / Couldn't Go To Sleep

Image for Lullaby Of The Bells/ It's Only You, Dear


Lullaby Of The Bells / It's Only You, Dear

Image for Two Years And A Thousand Tears/ White Gardenia

Hoagy Lands

Two Years And A Thousand Tears / White Gardenia

Image for Turn Away From Darkness/ The Push I Need

Joyce Dunn

Turn Away From Darkness / The Push I Need

Image for Bed Time Story/ Connection

Live Experience

Bed Time Story / Connection

Image for Seven Steps To An Angel/ Ubangi Stomp

Bobby Taylor And The Jives

Seven Steps To An Angel / Ubangi Stomp

Image for Someone To Show Me The Way/ When I Find Love

Four Sounds

Someone To Show Me The Way / When I Find Love

Image for Give Me Something/ Lover Please

Dennis Turner

Give Me Something / Lover Please

Image for Come Up In The World/ Colours

Four Evers

Come Up In The World / Colours

Image for Lazy Day/ Ego Tripping


Lazy Day / Ego Tripping

Image for Baby I Want To Marry You/ Never Let Me Go

Chuck Jackson

Baby I Want To Marry You / Never Let Me Go

Image for Fabulous Cars And Diamond Rings/ Please Be Real

Jackie Marshall

Fabulous Cars And Diamond Rings / Please Be Real

Image for Dreamer/ The Greatest Love

Vic Water And The Entertainers

Dreamer / The Greatest Love

Image for Here Comes Love/ Nau Ninny Nau

Cannibal And The Headhunters

Here Comes Love / Nau Ninny Nau

Image for I'm Sorry About That/ If You Want To Get Ahead

Billy Guy

I'm Sorry About That / If You Want To Get Ahead

Image for He Called Me Baby/ When Will The Good Apples Fall

Jeanne Newman

He Called Me Baby / When Will The Good Apples Fall

Image for What Is Life/ What Is Life Part 2

First Class

What Is Life / What Is Life Part 2

Image for Dancing In A Dream World/ Trouble I’ve Seen

Clarence Ashe

Dancing In A Dream World / Trouble I’ve Seen

Image for The New, God Bless Our Love/ The New, God Bless Our Love 2

Charles Brimmer

The New, God Bless Our Love / The New, God Bless Our Love 2

Image for I Need Your Love/ Where There's A Will There's

Kylo Turner

I Need Your Love / Where There's A Will There's

Image for Lonely/ Follow Your Heart

Van Mccoy

Lonely / Follow Your Heart

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