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Image for Colors Are Real/ Feeling Alright

Combined Forces

Colors Are Real / Feeling Alright

Image for Heartbreak Avenue/ Baby Turn Your Head

Jimmy Dotson

Heartbreak Avenue / Baby Turn Your Head

Image for Caught Making Love/ Do Not Disturb

Roger Hatcher

Caught Making Love / Do Not Disturb

Image for Here Is My Heart/ Hand Clap Blues

Jim Harrison And Bob

Here Is My Heart / Hand Clap Blues

Image for Have Mercy/ Love Is Strange


Have Mercy / Love Is Strange

Image for Caught Making Love/ Same:

Roger Hatcher

Caught Making Love / Same:

Image for Come To Me Only/ Peace To You Brother

Lou Jackson

Come To Me Only / Peace To You Brother

Image for Can't Find No Happiness/ A Great Big Thing

Barbara Brown

Can't Find No Happiness / A Great Big Thing

Image for Hand Full Of Sorrows/ A Bit Of Soul

Mckinley Mitchell

Hand Full Of Sorrows / A Bit Of Soul

Image for He Don't Really Love You/ Without You


He Don't Really Love You / Without You

Image for Her Final Letter/ Tell Me Who

Wayne Marshall And The Members

Her Final Letter / Tell Me Who

Image for Can't See You When I Want To/ One Part - Two Parts

David Porter

Can't See You When I Want To / One Part - Two Parts

Image for Can't Believe You Wanna Leave/ Bony Maronie

Jay Bee Bryant

Can't Believe You Wanna Leave / Bony Maronie

Image for Hi Diddley Dee Dum Dum/ I Don't Wanna Cry

Jimmy James And The Vagabonds

Hi Diddley Dee Dum Dum / I Don't Wanna Cry

Image for City Called Loneliville/ Devil Made Me Do It

Dee Dee Joseph And David

City Called Loneliville / Devil Made Me Do It

Image for Here Comes Love/ Nau Ninny Nau

Cannibal And The Headhunters

Here Comes Love / Nau Ninny Nau

Image for Heart And Soul/ Blue Velvet Star

Larry Deone

Heart And Soul / Blue Velvet Star

Image for Have You Seen My Baby/ Have You Seen My Baby Pt.2

Marvin L. Sims

Have You Seen My Baby / Have You Seen My Baby Pt.2

Image for Cry Myself To Sleep/ We've Got To Move On

Shirley Wahls

Cry Myself To Sleep / We've Got To Move On

Image for How Can A Broke Man Survive/ Make Love To Me Baby

Little Johnny Taylor

How Can A Broke Man Survive / Make Love To Me Baby

Can I Depend On You/ Hello, Dolly

Vito And The Salutations

Can I Depend On You / Hello, Dolly

Cry To Me/ No One Could Ever Love You

Freddie Scott

Cry To Me / No One Could Ever Love You

Image for Cheaters Never Win/ Love And A Friend

Tony Borders

Cheaters Never Win / Love And A Friend

Image for Hurt/ They Call The Wind Maria

Arthur Conley

Hurt / They Call The Wind Maria

Image for Here I Am/ Gimme Some


Here I Am / Gimme Some

Image for Change Is Gonna Come/ They're Doing The Shag

Roy C

Change Is Gonna Come / They're Doing The Shag

Image for Close Youe Eyes (sleep & Dream)/ Part Time Sweetheart


Close Youe Eyes (sleep & Dream) / Part Time Sweetheart

Image for Change Of Mind/ Oo La We

Young Hearts

Change Of Mind / Oo La We

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