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Image for Gee Whiz/ Heartaches Theme


Gee Whiz / Heartaches Theme

Image for Jeannie, Jeannie/ Must I Keep Waiting

Jeb Stuart And The Jebettes

Jeannie, Jeannie / Must I Keep Waiting

Image for Miracle Worker/ So Called Friend

Sam Williams

Miracle Worker / So Called Friend

Image for Your Love/ Three Times


Your Love / Three Times

Image for I Need Your Love/ You Don't Love Me


I Need Your Love / You Don't Love Me

Image for Never Find Another Love/ Pennies From Heaven

Lee Norris

Never Find Another Love / Pennies From Heaven

Image for Down On My Knees/ Swingin' Party

Nat Phillips

Down On My Knees / Swingin' Party

Image for Guilty Of Adultry (now What We Gonna Do/ I Feel Mlike Crying

Curtis King

Guilty Of Adultry (now What We Gonna Do / I Feel Mlike Crying

Image for I Can't Leave You/ Ando's Theme


I Can't Leave You / Ando's Theme

Image for I Hurt/ You Make Me Feel So Good

Clarence Nelson

I Hurt / You Make Me Feel So Good

Image for Doorsteps To Sorrow/ Tell Him Tonight

Rudolph Taylor

Doorsteps To Sorrow / Tell Him Tonight

Image for How Does A Cheating Woman Feel/ Haunted House

Sam The Sham

How Does A Cheating Woman Feel / Haunted House

Image for All Alone/ Land Of Love

Clemon Smith

All Alone / Land Of Love

Image for Please Give Me Another Chance/ Your Good Lovin'

Jeb Stuart

Please Give Me Another Chance / Your Good Lovin'

Image for Rag Doll/ My Request

Cool Sounds

Rag Doll / My Request

Image for Your Cold Heart (burns Me Up)/ Keep On Moving

Lloyd Hendricks

Your Cold Heart (burns Me Up) / Keep On Moving

Image for When I Say Goodbye/ Groove

Jerry And Willa

When I Say Goodbye / Groove

Image for Heaven To Me/ Don't Get Mad

Johnny Larand

Heaven To Me / Don't Get Mad

Image for Forgive Me If I Cry/ I Need My Baby

Down To Earth

Forgive Me If I Cry / I Need My Baby

Image for I Need Somebody/ Don't Ask Me

James Washington Lee

I Need Somebody / Don't Ask Me

Image for Never Again/ Slow Jerk


Never Again / Slow Jerk

Image for You Played The Part (of A Loser)/ Freedom Song

Congenial Four

You Played The Part (of A Loser) / Freedom Song

Image for Anything I Would Do For You/ Party

Rainy Days

Anything I Would Do For You / Party

Image for Remone/ Used To Be Love

Lindell Hill

Remone / Used To Be Love

Image for Tears On My Pillow/ Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa

Joe Mcdade

Tears On My Pillow / Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa

Image for I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool/ I Don't Know Why

Harlem Meat Company

I'm Not Gonna Be Anybody's Fool / I Don't Know Why

Image for What A Lovely Way To Meet/ Depression

True Movement

What A Lovely Way To Meet / Depression

Image for (tears) Can Only Make The Problems Wet/ Open The Dooe To Your Heart

Sonny Munro

Tears Can Only Make The Problems Wet / Open The Dooe To Your Heart

Image for Why Should We Stop Now/ This Road (getting Hard)

Shirley Combs

Why Should We Stop Now / This Road (getting Hard)

Image for One Woman's Trash (is Another Woman's Tr/ Takin' A Chance

Marian Love

One Woman's Trash (is Another Woman's Tr / Takin' A Chance

Image for City Of Angels/ Scrambled Eggs

Clint Stacy

City Of Angels / Scrambled Eggs

Image for Thank You For Calling/ Skoobie Doo

Lee Roy

Thank You For Calling / Skoobie Doo

Image for Piece Of Heart/ I Am Free Of Your Love

Bill Brandon

Piece Of Heart / I Am Free Of Your Love

Image for Do Me Wrong/ Miss Jackson's Daughter

Randolph Walker

Do Me Wrong / Miss Jackson's Daughter

Image for If I Should Die/ Yo Yo Twist

Sherman Evans

If I Should Die / Yo Yo Twist

Image for Memories Are Here To Stay/ Dear Lady


Memories Are Here To Stay / Dear Lady

Image for I Need You/ You've Made Me Sdo Very Happy

Barbara Howard

I Need You / You've Made Me Sdo Very Happy

Image for You Think That I'm A Fool/ Can't You See

Brothers By Choice

You Think That I'm A Fool / Can't You See

Image for Ready Made Family/ Same:

First Class Featuring Annise

Ready Made Family / Same:

Image for Wild Goose Chase/ Spinning Top

Moving Violation

Wild Goose Chase / Spinning Top

Image for Who In The World/ Good Luck


Who In The World / Good Luck

Image for Doggin' Around/ Danger Signals

Billy Sol

Doggin' Around / Danger Signals

Image for How Much More Can She Stand/ The Prce

J.p. Robinson

How Much More Can She Stand / The Prce

Image for I’m Tired Of Pretending/ Dang Me

Sam Hutchins

I’m Tired Of Pretending / Dang Me

Image for Let The We're In Love/ Lady Luck


Let The We're In Love / Lady Luck

Image for What A Beautiful Day/ Ninety Nine Pair Shoes

Albert Washington And The Astros

What A Beautiful Day / Ninety Nine Pair Shoes

Image for As I Sit Here/ Never Again


As I Sit Here / Never Again

Image for We Try Harder/ I Believe She Will

Eddie And Ernie

We Try Harder / I Believe She Will

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