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Image for Time Take Me Back/ Keep On Waiting


Time Take Me Back / Keep On Waiting

Image for End Of The Rain Bow/ Get Yorself To Gether

Howard Everett

End Of The Rain Bow / Get Yorself To Gether

Image for Love On The Line/ Open Up The Door


Love On The Line / Open Up The Door

Image for Say I Do/ Same: Instrumental

Magnum Force

Say I Do / Same: Instrumental

Image for Pleasing Plump/ I'm Looking For My Roots

General Assistence And Adc Band

Pleasing Plump / I'm Looking For My Roots

Image for Wasted Nights/ Close My Eyes (and Open Up My

Rodge Martin

Wasted Nights / Close My Eyes (and Open Up My

Image for The Big Lie/ The Girl's A Devil


The Big Lie / The Girl's A Devil

Image for Tonight/ Juicy     Lbl Rev.


Tonight / Juicy Lbl Rev.

Image for Key To The Door/ Every Day Every Hour

Warren (lee) Taylor

Key To The Door / Every Day Every Hour

Image for Here I Go Again/ Jerk Shout

Ruby Johnson

Here I Go Again / Jerk Shout

Image for Let's Love In The Moonlight/ Work Out

Baby Washington

Let's Love In The Moonlight / Work Out

Image for Can You Blame Me/ Ooh Baby You Move Me

Linda Jones

Can You Blame Me / Ooh Baby You Move Me

Image for When Will My Turn Come/ Sneakin'


When Will My Turn Come / Sneakin'

Image for Honey I Still Love You/ Since God Made Woman

Mark Iv

Honey I Still Love You / Since God Made Woman

Image for This Love Of Mine/ Variations On A Theme


This Love Of Mine / Variations On A Theme

Image for Darling Let's Get Married]/ The Party

Roosevelt Williams

Darling Let's Get Married] / The Party

Image for I Love You/ Taboo


I Love You / Taboo

Image for If You Leave Me/ Move A Mountain

Frankie Brunson

If You Leave Me / Move A Mountain

Image for Please Don't Leave Me Now/ I Got You Where I Want You

Fifth Amendment

Please Don't Leave Me Now / I Got You Where I Want You

Image for Who's Gonna Help Me Now/ Expressway To Your Heart


Who's Gonna Help Me Now / Expressway To Your Heart

Image for There's Someone Waiting (back Home)/ Without The One You Love


There's Someone Waiting (back Home) / Without The One You Love

Image for Too Many Nites/ If You Wanna Be Happy

Soul Cop (oliver Christian)

Too Many Nites / If You Wanna Be Happy

Image for Didn't We/ Ride My Carousel

New Direction

Didn't We / Ride My Carousel

Image for Bop De Do Waw/ Giddy - Up

Love Brothers

Bop De Do Waw / Giddy - Up

Image for A Change Is Gonna Com/ I'll Take You There

Dellie Hoskie And Their Natural Selves

A Change Is Gonna Come / I'll Take You There

Image for Tell Love Hello/ If You See Him

Mellow Moods

Tell Love Hello / If You See Him

Image for Yes, It's You/ Just A Little Lovin'

Barbara Mason

Yes, It's You / Just A Little Lovin'

Image for Seems I'm Never Tired Loving You/ Oh My Soul


Seems I'm Never Tired Loving You / Oh My Soul

Image for I'm A Winner Now/ You Got The Kind Of Love

Executive Suite

I'm A Winner Now / You Got The Kind Of Love

Image for Bop De Do Waw/ Giddy - Up

Love Brothers

Bop De Do Waw / Giddy - Up

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