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Image for The Army's Got Me Crying/ Tell Me Where'er You Going

Little Brenda Duff

The Army's Got Me Crying / Tell Me Where'er You Going

Image for Broad Jumping/ A Broken Heart


Broad Jumping / A Broken Heart

Image for Never Was A Girl/ Black Beard


Never Was A Girl / Black Beard

Image for Try Me One More Time/ Comin' On Home

Four Bars

Try Me One More Time / Comin' On Home

Image for Face It (with A Smile)/ We Got Love

Opus Iv

Face It (with A Smile) / We Got Love

Image for Guilty Of Adultry (now What We Gonna Do/ I Feel Mlike Crying

Curtis King

Guilty Of Adultry (now What We Gonna Do / I Feel Mlike Crying

Image for How Does A Cheating Woman Feel/ Haunted House

Sam The Sham

How Does A Cheating Woman Feel / Haunted House

Image for Never Again/ Slow Jerk


Never Again / Slow Jerk

Image for Shacking Up Pt 1/ Same Pt 2

Apollo Brothers

Shacking Up Pt 1 / Same Pt 2

Image for One By One/ You Did That To Me


One By One / You Did That To Me

Image for Doggin' Around/ Danger Signals

Billy Sol

Doggin' Around / Danger Signals

Image for I Can't See Me Without You/ Old Man Mose


I Can't See Me Without You / Old Man Mose

Image for As I Sit Here/ Never Again


As I Sit Here / Never Again

Image for It Must Be Love/ Put 'em On The Right Track

Full Speed

It Must Be Love / Put 'em On The Right Track

Image for Later On In Life/ That's My Heart

Brock Tanner

Later On In Life / That's My Heart

Image for Searchin' For Love/ The Complete Man

Tommy Hunt

Searchin' For Love / The Complete Man

A New Star/ Radiation Funk


A New Star / Radiation Funk

Image for The Story Of My Heart/ (do Rthe) Wiggle


The Story Of My Heart / (do Rthe) Wiggle

Image for I Lost My Heart On A Weekend/ Octipi

Diamond Jim And The Sparklers

I Lost My Heart On A Weekend / Octipi

Image for Darling Baby/ I Wish It Would Rain

Beverly Hammonds

Darling Baby / I Wish It Would Rain

Image for Treat You Right/ Dynamite Party

Rayfield Reid And The Magnificents

Treat You Right / Dynamite Party

Image for Summers Love (falls In The Autumn)/ Same: Instrumental


Summers Love (falls In The Autumn) / Same: Instrumental

Image for Baby I'm For Real/ Dizzy World


Baby I'm For Real / Dizzy World

Image for Pity For A Fool/ Free And Easy


Pity For A Fool / Free And Easy

Image for I Cheated/ Do You Know What It's Like To

Joyce Harris And The Slades

I Cheated / Do You Know What It's Like To

Image for Down Thru The Years/ Cool Monkey

Horace Bailey

Down Thru The Years / Cool Monkey

All Roads Lead To Heartbreak/ It Won't Be Long


All Roads Lead To Heartbreak / It Won't Be Long

Image for Please Don't Leave Me This Way/ Rocking Blues

Ulye De Vance And The Right Kind

Please Don't Leave Me This Way / Rocking Blues

Image for Come To Me Only/ Same; Instrumental

Lou Jackson

Come To Me Only / Same; Instrumental

Image for Stay A Little Longer/ Night Mare

David Reynolds

Stay A Little Longer / Night Mare

Image for Doorsteps To Sorrow/ Tell Him Tonight

Rudolph Taylor

Doorsteps To Sorrow / Tell Him Tonight

Image for I Would Rather Have All Of Nothing/ Sweet Tea

Toussaint Mccall

I Would Rather Have All Of Nothing / Sweet Tea

Image for Does Your Mother Know/ Close To You

Earles Inc:

Does Your Mother Know / Close To You

Image for Lonely Heart/ Popeye


Lonely Heart / Popeye

Image for So Far Away/ The Mini Movement

Blue Chords

So Far Away / The Mini Movement

Image for She Fooled Me This Time/ If I Don't Get Involved

Joe Medwick

She Fooled Me This Time / If I Don't Get Involved

Image for Girl You Know That I Love You/ Dance To The Music


Girl You Know That I Love You / Dance To The Music

Image for A Love Problem/ Working In A Coal Mine

Eldridge Holmes

A Love Problem / Working In A Coal Mine

Image for Your Cheating Heart/ If I Ask You

Katie Webster

Your Cheating Heart / If I Ask You

Image for (goodbye Baby) I'm Still Leaving You/ Same: Part 2

Katie Webster

(goodbye Baby) I'm Still Leaving You / Same: Part 2

Image for Keep On Trying/ Nobody


Keep On Trying / Nobody

Image for Dinky Doo/ Everybody, Everything Needs Lo

Eddie Bo

Dinky Doo / Everybody, Everything Needs Lo

Image for What Am I To Do/ Now That You're Gone

Marsha Tinsley

What Am I To Do / Now That You're Gone

Image for Mama Hold My Hand/ Same: Mono

Troy Seals

Mama Hold My Hand / Same: Mono

Image for I Miss You So/ Baby, Baby, Baby

Bobby Turner

I Miss You So / Baby, Baby, Baby

Image for On My Mind/ Lowdown Dirty Music

Communication Breakdown

On My Mind / Lowdown Dirty Music

Image for All In Time/ Leave My Kitten Alone

Reuben Bell

All In Time / Leave My Kitten Alone

Image for What In This World Can I Call My Own/ Thrill On The Hill

Earl Gaines

What In This World Can I Call My Own / Thrill On The Hill

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