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Image for Can You Be A One Man Woman/ Put You Back In Your Place

Sam Dees

Can You Be A One Man Woman / Put You Back In Your Place

Image for Universal Love/ Hang Up Your Hang-ups


Universal Love / Hang Up Your Hang-ups

Image for Here Is My Heart/ Hand Clap Blues

Jim Harrison And Bob

Here Is My Heart / Hand Clap Blues

Image for Bring Back My Life/ Only If I Had Your Love

Van Dyke Five

Bring Back My Life / Only If I Had Your Love

Image for How Hurt I Am/ So Glad I Met You

Jimmy Dockett

How Hurt I Am / So Glad I Met You

Image for Caught Making Love/ Same:

Roger Hatcher

Caught Making Love / Same:

Image for Baby, Baby I Love You/ Bill Bailey


Baby, Baby I Love You / Bill Bailey

Image for Creole Lady/ I Want My Baby Back

Big John Hamilton

Creole Lady / I Want My Baby Back

Image for Cry Baby Cry/ The Vulture

Van And Titus

Cry Baby Cry / The Vulture

Image for Come Back Into My Heart/ The Bell


Come Back Into My Heart / The Bell

Image for Can't Stay Away/ Same: 3.14 Mono Version

Leroy Hutson

Can't Stay Away / Same: 3.14 Mono Version

Image for Happiness Togetherness/ The Groove Line


Happiness Togetherness / The Groove Line

Image for Can't You Tell It's Me/ Same: Mono

Tyrone Davis

Can't You Tell It's Me / Same: Mono

Image for Birthday/ Eyeballin'


Birthday / Eyeballin'

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