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Image for Price Of Love/ Whispers Getting Louder


Price Of Love / Whispers Getting Louder

Image for Violation/ It's A Sin

Bake Turner

Violation / It's A Sin

Image for Quite Please/ Monaural 78

Lemon Pipers

Quite Please / Monaural 78

Image for Pollution/ Population Zero

South Lamar And Speed Limit

Pollution / Population Zero

Image for People/ I've Got Enough Heartache


People / I've Got Enough Heartache

Image for Promise Her Anything/ For Us There'll Be No Tomorrow

Johnny Thompson Quintet

Promise Her Anything / For Us There'll Be No Tomorrow

Image for Please, Don't Be Mad/ I Don't Know

The Soothsayers

Please, Don't Be Mad / I Don't Know

Image for Pity Me Not/ Big City Life

Ned Odum Boys

Pity Me Not / Big City Life

Image for Put Out My Fire/ Henrietta

Plant And See

Put Out My Fire / Henrietta

Image for Pretty Thing - Oh/ Just Two Days Ago

Blue Things

Pretty Thing - Oh / Just Two Days Ago

Image for Valleri/ Ol Man River

The Pineapple Heard

Valleri / Ol Man River

Image for Pipe Dream/ Theres A Chance We Can Make It

Blues Magoos

Pipe Dream / Theres A Chance We Can Make It

Image for Pink Carousel/ Minstrel Man

Donnie Brooks

Pink Carousel / Minstrel Man

Image for Play It Loud/ King Kong

Just Water

Play It Loud / King Kong

Pretty Little Girl/ The Girl With The Curl

Joey Leal

Pretty Little Girl / The Girl With The Curl

Image for Pity/ Electric Stories

Four Seasons

Pity / Electric Stories

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