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Immigration Report/ It's Over + Teen Idol


Immigration Report / It's Over + Teen Idol

Image for The Digger On Mars/ Jubilee Rock

Buzz With Bexley Scouts And Guides

The Digger On Mars / Jubilee Rock

Image for Unanswered/ Industrial Skank

Charles Bronson

Unanswered / Industrial Skank

Image for Looking For A Dream/ 4 Track Ep 12"

Slender Loris

Looking For A Dream / 4 Track Ep 12"

Image for Killing Time/ Hope And Glory

Ghost Train

Killing Time / Hope And Glory

Image for Vibrators 2/ 1978 Uk Original


Vibrators 2 / 1978 Uk Original

Image for In A Rut/ H-eyes


In A Rut / H-eyes

Image for More Than Fights + Daily Life/ You've Got To Be Someone


More Than Fights + Daily Life / You've Got To Be Someone

Image for Serenade For Two Lovers/ The Concerto For The Wind

Brewer Brothers

Serenade For Two Lovers / The Concerto For The Wind

Image for Nature Creates Freaks/ Radar Eared Rat Psychosis


Nature Creates Freaks / Radar Eared Rat Psychosis

Mcarthur Park/ Wuthering Heights

Burtons coupled with Jah Wurzel

Mcarthur Park / Wuthering Heights

Something Else/ Friggin' In The Riggin'

Sex Pistols

Something Else / Friggin' In The Riggin'

Image for Shoplifters Of The World Unite/ Half A Reason


Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Half A Reason

Image for Paris France/ Man Found Dead In Graveyard

Tom Lucy

Paris France / Man Found Dead In Graveyard

Image for The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surpize/ Pentration In The Centrefold


The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surpize / Pentration In The Centrefold

Image for Agua Manera/ Ears + Go Fff

Formula One

Agua Manera / Ears + Go Fff

Image for I Got A Crush On You/ New York


I Got A Crush On You / New York

Image for This Is Your Lunch/ Illicit Sects

Slow Twitch Fibres

This Is Your Lunch / Illicit Sects

Image for Promise/ 3 Days


Promise / 3 Days

Image for Complete Control/ The City Of The Dead


Complete Control / The City Of The Dead

Image for Who's Gonna Win The War/ Time Of


Who's Gonna Win The War / Time Of

Dancing The Night Away/ Be What You Gotta Be


Dancing The Night Away / Be What You Gotta Be

Image for Back To Front/ Mr Fire Coal-man

Stiff Little Fingers

Back To Front / Mr Fire Coal-man

Don't Run Away/ Interference On Vision

Eat At Joes

Don't Run Away / Interference On Vision

Rock & Roll Wierdos/ Pyramid Power

Leila And The Snakes

Rock & Roll Wierdos / Pyramid Power

Image for The Greatest Cockney Rip-off/ Hate Of The City

Cockney Rejects

The Greatest Cockney Rip-off / Hate Of The City

Image for Valley Of The Dolls/ Shakin' All Over

Generation X

Valley Of The Dolls / Shakin' All Over

Image for Banana Splits (the Tra Tra La La Song)/ Hideous + Got It At The Store


Banana Splits (the Tra Tra La La Song) / Hideous + Got It At The Store

Legion Of Mary Team/ Snoball

Kitchen coupled with Selby Tigers

Legion Of Mary Team / Snoball

Image for Lucifer's Friend/ Crazy Girl


Lucifer's Friend / Crazy Girl

Image for King Rocker/ Gimme Some Truth

Generation X

King Rocker / Gimme Some Truth

Image for Nellie The Elephant/ Fisticuffs In Frederick Street

Toy Dolls

Nellie The Elephant / Fisticuffs In Frederick Street

Image for Promises/ Lipstick


Promises / Lipstick

Image for Under My Nose/ It Won't Be Lonbg

Super Collider

Under My Nose / It Won't Be Lonbg

Be What You Gotta Be/ You Beat The Hell Outta Me


Be What You Gotta Be / You Beat The Hell Outta Me

Revolution/ All Souls Avenue


Revolution / All Souls Avenue

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