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Familiarise yourself with our wide range of high-quality British & USA Punk & Indie Vinyl 45s and LPs all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 600 records to choose from, add the iconic sounds of Sex Pistols, Smiths, Stranglers, White Stripes & so much more.

The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed browsing our Punk and Indie vinyl, then you may want to check out our Two-Tone/Mod vinyl.

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Image for Heart Of Stone/ The Last Word


Heart Of Stone / The Last Word

Terror Couple Kill Colonel/ Scopes +terror Couple Kill Col


Terror Couple Kill Colonel / Scopes +terror Couple Kill Col

Love's Easy Tears/ Those Eyes That Mouth

Cocteau Twins

Love's Easy Tears / Those Eyes That Mouth

Aikea - Guinea/ Kooka Burra

Cocteau Twins

Aikea - Guinea / Kooka Burra

Say You/ Fast Dump


Say You / Fast Dump

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