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Familiarise yourself with our wide range of high-quality British & USA Punk & Indie Vinyl 45s and LPs all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 600 records to choose from, add the iconic sounds of Sex Pistols, Smiths, Stranglers, White Stripes & so much more.

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Bend And Flush/ Throbbing Gristle

Pork Dukes

Bend And Flush / Throbbing Gristle

Image for Elti-fits Ep/ 1980 3 Track Ep


Elti-fits Ep / 1980 3 Track Ep

Image for Nature Creates Freaks/ Radar Eared Rat Psychosis


Nature Creates Freaks / Radar Eared Rat Psychosis

Like An Animal/ Mouth To Mouth


Like An Animal / Mouth To Mouth

Image for We Gotta Get Out Of This Place/ Unsung Heroes Part Ii

Angelic Upstarts

We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / Unsung Heroes Part Ii

Image for View Of Jerusalem/ 1986 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover


View Of Jerusalem / 1986 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Escape Artists Never Die/ You Want Romance

Funeral For A Friend

Escape Artists Never Die / You Want Romance

Push Out The Boat/ Round And Round


Push Out The Boat / Round And Round

Cool Shoes/ I Wish

Leather Nun

Cool Shoes / I Wish

Tell Me/ Illusion Of Confusion


Tell Me / Illusion Of Confusion

Image for Bethesda/ Dripping


Bethesda / Dripping

Legion Of Mary Team/ Snoball

Kitchen coupled with Selby Tigers

Legion Of Mary Team / Snoball

Love Is../ I'm Mad

Troy Tate

Love Is.. / I'm Mad

Image for I'm An Upstart/ Leave Me Alone

Angelic Upstarts

I'm An Upstart / Leave Me Alone

Image for Teenage Warning/ The Young Ones

Angelic Upstarts

Teenage Warning / The Young Ones

Image for I Wish I Had Never Been In Love/ Sex Is Everywhere

Hot Melts

I Wish I Had Never Been In Love / Sex Is Everywhere

Image for Footsteps/ Sunshine & Butterflies


Footsteps / Sunshine & Butterflies

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