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Familiarise yourself with our wide range of high-quality British & USA Punk & Indie Vinyl 45s and LPs all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 600 records to choose from, add the iconic sounds of Sex Pistols, Smiths, Stranglers, White Stripes & so much more.

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Image for Jet Boy/ Vietnamese Baby

New Yorkl Dolls

Jet Boy / Vietnamese Baby

Image for Some Boys/ Tune Kevin's Strings

Going Red

Some Boys / Tune Kevin's Strings

Image for Invitation To Dinner/ First 1989 Uk Press

Sofa Head

Invitation To Dinner / First 1989 Uk Press

Image for Drugs Kill/ 12 Track Uk Press

Sid Vicious

Drugs Kill / 12 Track Uk Press

Image for Betrayed/ Why Don't You Call


Betrayed / Why Don't You Call

Image for Telegram/ Compulsory Fun


Telegram / Compulsory Fun

Image for The Very Best Of British Punk/ Immaculate 1986 Uk Press

Various Artists

The Very Best Of British Punk / Immaculate 1986 Uk Press

Image for Kiss 'n Tell/ Silent Times + Blue Dawn

Feline Jive

Kiss 'n Tell / Silent Times + Blue Dawn

Image for Something Should Be Done/ Let The Rhythm


Something Should Be Done / Let The Rhythm

Image for Animal Games/ Us Kids Gold


Animal Games / Us Kids Gold

Image for Everything Counts/ Work Hard

Depeche Mode

Everything Counts / Work Hard

Body And Soul/ Train

Sisters Of Mercy

Body And Soul / Train

Image for I Eat Babies/ 7 & 7 Is

Corpse Grinders coupled with Olympic Sideburns

I Eat Babies / 7 & 7 Is

Image for Spocks Brain Is Missing/ No Hope No Fear + Fridays News


Spocks Brain Is Missing / No Hope No Fear + Fridays News

Image for Disgrace/ Work


Disgrace / Work

Image for Insects Are All Around Us/ Cry

Money Mark

Insects Are All Around Us / Cry

Image for Da Doo Ron Ron/ Clever Boy

B.g. And The Mouse

Da Doo Ron Ron / Clever Boy

Image for Them/ Rock Of Ages

Neil Innes

Them / Rock Of Ages

Wardance/ Pssyche

Killing Joke

Wardance / Pssyche

Image for Your Feets Too Big/ Ain't Nothing Shakin' But The

Zoot Money

Your Feets Too Big / Ain't Nothing Shakin' But The

Memphis Tenessee/ Let's Dance

Silicon Teens

Memphis Tenessee / Let's Dance

Image for Hong Kong Boy/ Siesta 'round The Clock

Wilmer X

Hong Kong Boy / Siesta 'round The Clock

Image for Shankin Queens A Thousand Times/ My Remarkable Mind


Shankin Queens A Thousand Times / My Remarkable Mind

Image for When The Boys Happy/ Runaway

Jo Jo Laine And The Firm

When The Boys Happy / Runaway

Life On The Line/ 4m

Fad Gadget

Life On The Line / 4m

Image for Saturday Night Special/ Swallow It Live

Fad Gadget

Saturday Night Special / Swallow It Live

Image for Lucifers Friend/ Crazy Girl


Lucifers Friend / Crazy Girl

My Translucent Hands/ Small Consolation

I Start Counting

My Translucent Hands / Small Consolation

Image for Dragging Me Down/ I Know I'm Losing You

Inspiral Carpets

Dragging Me Down / I Know I'm Losing You

Image for On My Mind + New Dreams/ Apocalypse Detroit + I'm Stuck

Red Kate coupled with Bad Ideas

On My Mind + New Dreams / Apocalypse Detroit + I'm Stuck

Collasping New People/ Spoil The Child

Fad Gadget

Collasping New People / Spoil The Child

Darling Don't Leave Me/ A Ist Wieder Da

Robert Gorl

Darling Don't Leave Me / A Ist Wieder Da

Do The Belly Dance/ The Sheik

Sharon And Tracy

Do The Belly Dance / The Sheik

One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing/ Same:

A. C. Marias

One Of Our Girls Has Gone Missing / Same:

Image for Milk/ Wicked & Tricky Mixes


Milk / Wicked & Tricky Mixes

Image for Spanish Dance Troupe/ Do The Chicken In The Jungle+1

Gorkys Zygotic Mynci

Spanish Dance Troupe / Do The Chicken In The Jungle+1

Image for Biting My Nails/ Biting My Nails Wrong Mix

Renegade Soundwave

Biting My Nails / Biting My Nails Wrong Mix

Image for Shame/ Backlash

Nitzer Ebb Redesign

Shame / Backlash

Image for Caravan/ Skidoo

Inspiral Carpets

Caravan / Skidoo

Image for Legitimate Popsongs/ Untitled Instrumentals

Money Mark

Legitimate Popsongs / Untitled Instrumentals

Image for Lucifer's Friend/ Crazy Girl


Lucifer's Friend / Crazy Girl

Image for I Discover Love/ Lemmings On Lover's Rock

Fad Gadget

I Discover Love / Lemmings On Lover's Rock

Lucy's Day/ Little Brown Jug

John Anderson

Lucy's Day / Little Brown Jug

Image for Donde Esta Tu Dios/ 2009 7 Track Ep With Cover


Donde Esta Tu Dios / 2009 7 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Island Head/ 1990 4 Track Ep With Cover

Inspiral Carpets

Island Head / 1990 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Acid In Your Face/ Hang Me Out To Dry


Acid In Your Face / Hang Me Out To Dry

Image for Alone Again Or/ In Dulce Decorum


Alone Again Or / In Dulce Decorum

Dragging Me Down/ I Know I'm Losing You

Inspiral Carpets

Dragging Me Down / I Know I'm Losing You

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