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Familiarise yourself with our wide range of high-quality British & USA Punk & Indie Vinyl 45s and LPs all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 600 records to choose from, add the iconic sounds of Sex Pistols, Smiths, Stranglers, White Stripes & so much more.

The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed browsing our Punk and Indie vinyl, then you may want to check out our Two-Tone/Mod vinyl.

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Bedtime/ Die Baby Die

Nearly Normal

Bedtime / Die Baby Die

Image for Four By Three/ 4 Tracks

Next Band

Four By Three / 4 Tracks

Image for Jet Boy/ Vietnamese Baby

New Yorkl Dolls

Jet Boy / Vietnamese Baby

Image for Vietnam/ The Girl I Had

New Cuorey

Vietnam / The Girl I Had

Sadist Dream + Cream Of The Crop/ Nuclear Disaster

No Choice

Sadist Dream + Cream Of The Crop / Nuclear Disaster

Larry's Coming Back/ Emma Kalemma

Native Hipsters

Larry's Coming Back / Emma Kalemma

Image for Plain Jane/ My Young Teacher

New Hearts

Plain Jane / My Young Teacher

Image for Go To The Rodeo/ Have Some Fun

Naughty Rhythms

Go To The Rodeo / Have Some Fun

Image for I'm A Punk/ Re-entry (unidentified) Flying

Norman And The Hooligans

I'm A Punk / Re-entry (unidentified) Flying

Image for All The Naked Heros/ Wax Museum/west Street

Naughtiest Girl Was A Monitor

All The Naked Heros / Wax Museum/west Street

Image for Anytime Anyplace Anywhere/ Bottles + I'm Only Little


Anytime Anyplace Anywhere / Bottles + I'm Only Little

Image for Only One/ Blow By Blow

Non Stop Dancers

Only One / Blow By Blow

Image for Night Time/ Boss Hoss


Night Time / Boss Hoss

Image for Trhe Modern Song/ Take Me Away


Trhe Modern Song / Take Me Away

Image for Feigned Hearing/ I Can Hear Your

Colin Newman

Feigned Hearing / I Can Hear Your

19th. Nervous Breakdown/ Danger Zone

Nash The Slash

19th. Nervous Breakdown / Danger Zone

Dead Man's Curve/ Reator No. 2

Nash The Slash

Dead Man's Curve / Reator No. 2

Image for Touched By The Hand Of God/ Dsame: Dub Version

New Order

Touched By The Hand Of God / Dsame: Dub Version

Image for Shame/ Backlash

Nitzer Ebb Redesign

Shame / Backlash

Image for Happy/ 23 Hour Toothache

Neds Atomic Dustbin

Happy / 23 Hour Toothache

Image for Until You Find Out/ Flexible Head

Neds Atomic Dustbin

Until You Find Out / Flexible Head

Acceleration/ Hard Facts From The Fiction De

Bill Nelson

Acceleration / Hard Facts From The Fiction De

Image for Acid In Your Face/ Hang Me Out To Dry


Acid In Your Face / Hang Me Out To Dry

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