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Browse our wide selection of rare & obscure 50’s to present novelty, Comedy vinyl available online at Rare Soulman. With a selection of over 300 records to shop, add the humorous and distinctive sounds of novelty vinyl to your collection today.

Our novelty records all feature well-known musical favourites, such as the Chipmunks, Spike Milligan, Goons, Max Boyce and hundreds more! The condition and authenticity of our vintage novelty originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Novelty Vinyl, then you might also like our Opera Vinyl.

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Image for Champion Red Rum/ Little Soldier

Len Marten

Champion Red Rum / Little Soldier

Image for Martian Gin/ Same: 2.48  Mono Version


Martian Gin / Same: 2.48 Mono Version

Image for New Sides/ Rare 1963 Uk Press

Shelley Berman

New Sides / Rare 1963 Uk Press

Image for Shaving Cream/ The Girl From Chicago

Benny Bell

Shaving Cream / The Girl From Chicago

Image for She Loves You (and You Know That Can't B/ Rockin' With Rita

Ted Chippington

She Loves You (and You Know That Can't B / Rockin' With Rita

New Fangled, Jingle Jangle Swimmin-suit/ I've Got A Crush

Jon Savage

New Fangled, Jingle Jangle Swimmin-suit / I've Got A Crush

Image for Love Oh Love/ You Can Count On Me

Poul Beck

Love Oh Love / You Can Count On Me

Image for Letter To My Ex Wife/ I Used To Work In Chicago

Eddie Vespa

Letter To My Ex Wife / I Used To Work In Chicago

Image for I Hate J.r./ I Love J.r.


I Hate J.r. / I Love J.r.

Image for They Won't Hire Me/ Benefit ???

Dick Gregory

They Won't Hire Me / Benefit ???

Image for Baa-baa Black Sheep/ Flock Around The Clock

Singing Sheep

Baa-baa Black Sheep / Flock Around The Clock

Image for The Flight/ Fairy Tales

Stepin Fetchit

The Flight / Fairy Tales

Image for Rappin' Duke/ Same: Instrumental

Rappin Duke

Rappin' Duke / Same: Instrumental

Image for Hey Julius/ Baby Face Mccall


Hey Julius / Baby Face Mccall

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