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Browse our range of impressive jazz vinyl 45’s and albums. All available online at Rare Soulman records. Surround yourself with the contemporary jazz sounds of Gregory Porter, George Benson, or even add legendary jazz legends Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington etc. to your collection.

With over 900 high-quality jazz vinyl to browse in our collection, add the unique sounds of jazz to your current record collection. The condition and authenticity of our vintage rare soul originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you liked out Jazz records, then you might be interested in browsing our Mod Latin 45’s.

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Grande Reserve No. 2/ 1958 French Press

Dizzy Gillespie

Grande Reserve No. 2 / 1958 French Press

Image for Housewarming Party With Smacka The Singi/ 20 Track Lp

Joe Smacka Frisco

Housewarming Party With Smacka The Singi / 20 Track Lp

Image for On Tour 1950/ 14 Track Lp

Graeme Bell

On Tour 1950 / 14 Track Lp

Image for Echoes From Storyville, Volume Two/ 12 Track Lp

Butch Thompson

Echoes From Storyville, Volume Two / 12 Track Lp

Image for Citizen Bop/ My Kinda' Love

Dexter Gordon

Citizen Bop / My Kinda' Love

Image for On Green Dolphin Street/ Tommy's Dream

Seeburg Spotlite Band

On Green Dolphin Street / Tommy's Dream

Image for Stormy/ Dear Prudence

Gabor Szabo

Stormy / Dear Prudence

Image for You're Not Here With Me/ We'tre All God's Children


You're Not Here With Me / We'tre All God's Children

Image for Spontaneous Explorations/ Rare 1964 Uk Mono Press

Earl Hines

Spontaneous Explorations / Rare 1964 Uk Mono Press

Image for Immortal Sessions/ Pristine 1974 Uk Press

Dizzy Gillespie

Immortal Sessions / Pristine 1974 Uk Press

Image for It's You/ Ev'ry Day's A Holiday

Sir Robin Clark

It's You / Ev'ry Day's A Holiday

Image for I'm Joining The Crowd/ It Could Happen To You

Oscar Lindsay

I'm Joining The Crowd / It Could Happen To You

Image for Introducing/ Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Johnny Grant

Introducing / Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for The King Jazz Story/ 50s Tri-center Ep With Cover

Mezzrow - Bechet Quintet

The King Jazz Story / 50s Tri-center Ep With Cover

Image for Sunshine Superman/ (theme From) Valley Of The Dol

Gabor Szabo

Sunshine Superman / (theme From) Valley Of The Dol

Image for Czechoslovak Journey/ 12 Track Lp

Graeme Bell And His Dixieland Jazz

Czechoslovak Journey / 12 Track Lp

Guilty/ If You Only Knew

Little Jimmy Scott

Guilty / If You Only Knew

Image for Milord/ Buddy's Habits

Second City Jazzmen

Milord / Buddy's Habits

Image for Duke's Place/ Mood Indigo

Joya Sherrill

Duke's Place / Mood Indigo

Image for Blues And Jazz From Harlem/ 8 Track Lp

Clyde Bernhardt

Blues And Jazz From Harlem / 8 Track Lp

Image for Blues For Christine/ Green Dolphin Street

Harry Sweets Edison

Blues For Christine / Green Dolphin Street

Image for Love Talk/ Kansas City

Barbara Mcnair

Love Talk / Kansas City

Image for Very Truly Yours/ Don't Cry Baby

Jimmy Scott

Very Truly Yours / Don't Cry Baby

Image for The Alley Cat Song/ The Moon Was Yellow

David Thorne

The Alley Cat Song / The Moon Was Yellow

Image for Summertime/ Summertime Part 2

Bill Hemmans And Clays Composite

Summertime / Summertime Part 2

Image for Slaves/ Same: Instrumental

Grady Tate

Slaves / Same: Instrumental

Image for Nightwind/ Lost In The Stars

Grady Tate

Nightwind / Lost In The Stars

Image for Mendocino/ Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Sonny Stitt

Mendocino / Gimme Gimme Good Lovin'

Image for The Previn Piano Goes To Town/ 1964 4 Track Ep With Cover

Previn Andre

The Previn Piano Goes To Town / 1964 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Honeysuckle Rose/ Everybody Wants To Be Loved

Joe Williams

Honeysuckle Rose / Everybody Wants To Be Loved

Image for Fafoo/ Pie Eyed Piper

Hub Atwood

Fafoo / Pie Eyed Piper

Image for What Kind Of Fool Am I/ Days Of Wine And Roses

Terry Gibbs

What Kind Of Fool Am I / Days Of Wine And Roses

Image for Hooray/ I Fall In Love Too Easily

Grady Tate

Hooray / I Fall In Love Too Easily

Image for The Windmills Of My Mind/ A Little At A Time

Grady Tate

The Windmills Of My Mind / A Little At A Time

Image for Ace In The Hole/ Never Before

Walter Gates

Ace In The Hole / Never Before

Image for Sunshine Of Love/ Hellzapoppin'

Louis Armstrong

Sunshine Of Love / Hellzapoppin'

Who Likes Jazz/ Jazz

Via Vagabond

Who Likes Jazz / Jazz

Image for Drinking Wione Spo Dee O'dee/ Down On The Bayou

Chris Barber Band

Drinking Wione Spo Dee O'dee / Down On The Bayou

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