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Browse our range of impressive jazz vinyl 45’s and albums. All available online at Rare Soulman records. Surround yourself with the contemporary jazz sounds of Gregory Porter, George Benson, or even add legendary jazz legends Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington etc. to your collection.

With over 900 high-quality jazz vinyl to browse in our collection, add the unique sounds of jazz to your current record collection. The condition and authenticity of our vintage rare soul originals are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you liked out Jazz records, then you might be interested in browsing our Mod Latin 45’s.

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At Ease With Coleman Hawkins/ Rare 1960 Uk Press

Coleman Hawkins

At Ease With Coleman Hawkins / Rare 1960 Uk Press

Image for Airmail Special/ Midnight Sun

Lionel Hampton And Buddy Rich

Airmail Special / Midnight Sun

Image for Billie Holiday/ Gold Text 50s French Original

Bille Holiday

Billie Holiday / Gold Text 50s French Original

Image for Sing Gershwin/ Original 1956 Uk Press

Honey Dreamers

Sing Gershwin / Original 1956 Uk Press

Image for Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits/ 10 Track Lp

Bobby Hackett

Tony Bennett's Greatest Hits / 10 Track Lp

Image for Stasch/ A Flawless German Release

Coleman Hawkins

Stasch / A Flawless German Release

Image for Bagpipe Blues/ Chim Chim Cheree

Rufus Harley

Bagpipe Blues / Chim Chim Cheree

Image for This Is My Last Affair/ Original 1958 Uk Press

Bille Holiday

This Is My Last Affair / Original 1958 Uk Press

Image for Edmond Hall's Bluenote Jazzmen/ 1956 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Edmond Hall

Edmond Hall's Bluenote Jazzmen / 1956 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Grand Reunion Volume Ii/ Rare 1965 Uk Press

Earl Hines Trio

Grand Reunion Volume Ii / Rare 1965 Uk Press

Image for Oat Meal/ One More Hamhock Please

Bobby Hutcherson coupled with Les Mccann

Oat Meal / One More Hamhock Please

Image for Hamp In Japan Live/ Original French Press

Lionel Hampton

Hamp In Japan Live / Original French Press

Image for Many-splendored Vibes/ Rare 1962 Uk Mono Press

Lionel Hampton

Many-splendored Vibes / Rare 1962 Uk Mono Press

Image for The Buddy Holly Story/ 12 Track Lp

Buddy Holly

The Buddy Holly Story / 12 Track Lp

Image for Fabulous Billie/ Uk 1959 4 Track Ep With Cover

Bille Holiday

Fabulous Billie / Uk 1959 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Salute To Mcduff/ Salute To Mcduff Part 2

Red Holloway

Salute To Mcduff / Salute To Mcduff Part 2

Image for Spontaneous Explorations/ Rare 1964 Uk Mono Press

Earl Hines

Spontaneous Explorations / Rare 1964 Uk Mono Press

Image for The New Swinging Herman Herd/ 1966 Uk Press

Woody Herman

The New Swinging Herman Herd / 1966 Uk Press

Image for Boo-d-doo/ Never On Sunday

Groove Holmes

Boo-d-doo / Never On Sunday

Image for Early Autumn/ 13 Track Lp

Woody Herman

Early Autumn / 13 Track Lp

Image for Now Playing + 6/4 Mambo/ Babaera + Indian Summer

Herbie Harper

Now Playing + 6/4 Mambo / Babaera + Indian Summer

Image for Herbstone + Summertime/ Jive At Five

Herbie Harper Quintet

Herbstone + Summertime / Jive At Five

Image for Joey/ Sweet Pumpkin

Bill Henderson

Joey / Sweet Pumpkin

Image for Art Hodes And His Blue Note Jazz Men/ Rare Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Art Hodes

Art Hodes And His Blue Note Jazz Men / Rare Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Dixieland/ 1954 Uk 4 Track  Ep With Cover

Pee Wee Hunt

Dixieland / 1954 Uk 4 Track Ep With Cover

Image for Stormy Weather/ Star Dust

Al Hibbler coupled with The Ellingtonians Hibbler

Stormy Weather / Star Dust

Image for Hamp Stamps/ Tom Collins

Lionel Hampton

Hamp Stamps / Tom Collins

Image for Miko-san/ What Is A Woman

Eddie Higgins

Miko-san / What Is A Woman

Image for Spanish Flier/ Maria

Slide Hampton

Spanish Flier / Maria

Image for Lay Lady Lay/ Same: 3.12 Mono Version

John Handy

Lay Lady Lay / Same: 3.12 Mono Version

Image for Sister Salvation/ Sister Salvation Part 2

Slide Hampton Octet

Sister Salvation / Sister Salvation Part 2

Image for Big Band (no 3)/ 3 Tracks

Lionel Hampton

Big Band (no 3) / 3 Tracks

Marakeesh/ Four Others

Woody Herman And The New Third Herd

Marakeesh / Four Others

Image for Blues For The Weepers/ Believe It Beloved

Al Hibbler

Blues For The Weepers / Believe It Beloved

Image for Send In The Clowns/ Watch What Happens

Bill Henderson

Send In The Clowns / Watch What Happens

Image for Summertime/ Summertime Part 2

Bill Hemmans And Clays Composite

Summertime / Summertime Part 2

Image for I'm Gonna Miss You/ No Inspiration

Don Sugar Cane Harris

I'm Gonna Miss You / No Inspiration

Image for Chicago/ Love Conquers All

Mimi Hines

Chicago / Love Conquers All

Image for Like Young/ Canadian Sunset

Eddie Heywood

Like Young / Canadian Sunset

Image for Just Friends/ Olifant Gesang

Eddie Harris

Just Friends / Olifant Gesang

Image for All Day Every Day/ You Can't Lose

Joe Henderson

All Day Every Day / You Can't Lose

Image for Sweet Love/ Pieces Of Love

Roosevelt Hatcher

Sweet Love / Pieces Of Love

Image for Wait Please/ Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova

Eddie Harris

Wait Please / Boogie Woogie Bossa Nova

Image for Right Now/ Baby Don't Leave Me

Joe Henderson

Right Now / Baby Don't Leave Me

Danny Boy/ Now I Lay Me Down

Al Hibbler

Danny Boy / Now I Lay Me Down

Image for I Ain't Jivin I'm Jammin/ I Ain't Jivin I'm Jammin Pt. 2

Leon Huff

I Ain't Jivin I'm Jammin / I Ain't Jivin I'm Jammin Pt. 2

Image for Mima/ Lolita Marie

Eddie Harris

Mima / Lolita Marie

Image for Sweet Georgia Brown/ My How Time Goes By

Bill Henderson

Sweet Georgia Brown / My How Time Goes By

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