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Shop our impressive selection of instrumental 45’s, all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 320 records to browse, add the unique sounds of Duane Eddy, Sandy Nelson and King Curtis to your collection.

The condition and authenticity of our vintage rare soul originals are always carefully and closely scrutinized. If you enjoyed our Instrumental 45’s you may also be interested in browsing our Jazz Vinyl.

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Image for Fireball/ My Thoughts Turn To You

Ken Williams And The Mustangs

Fireball / My Thoughts Turn To You

Image for Twangy/ Doggone It Baby


Twangy / Doggone It Baby

Image for Twistin' N' Twangin'/ Original 1962 Uk Press

Duane Eddy

Twistin' N' Twangin' / Original 1962 Uk Press

Pretty Eyes/ Don't Leave Me Like This

Mexican Jumping Beans

Pretty Eyes / Don't Leave Me Like This

Image for Tiger In The Tank/ Open House


Tiger In The Tank / Open House

Image for Moonshot/ Roughneck

Duane Eddy

Moonshot / Roughneck

Image for Lonely Boy Lonely Guitar/ Joshin'

Duane Eddy

Lonely Boy Lonely Guitar / Joshin'

Image for Caravan/ We Drifted Apart

Esquire Boys

Caravan / We Drifted Apart

Image for Desert Tramp/ Bounty Hunter


Desert Tramp / Bounty Hunter

Image for Groovy/ Goin' Steady

Joe Dodo And The Groovers

Groovy / Goin' Steady

Image for The Desert Rat/ Boss Guitar

Duane Eddy

The Desert Rat / Boss Guitar

Image for Are You Sincere/ I'm Walkin'

Peter Drake

Are You Sincere / I'm Walkin'

Image for The Wild Westerners/ The Ballad Of Paladin

Duane Eddy

The Wild Westerners / The Ballad Of Paladin

Image for Stretchin' Out/ (dance With The) Guitar Man

Duane Eddy

Stretchin' Out / (dance With The) Guitar Man

Image for Israeli Stomp/ Gypsy Caravan

No Name Band

Israeli Stomp / Gypsy Caravan

Image for Hotfoot/ Cookin'

Al Casey Combo

Hotfoot / Cookin'

Image for Surfin' Blues/ Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Al Casey

Surfin' Blues / Guitars, Guitars, Guitars

Image for The Son Of Rebel Rouser/ The Story Of Three Loves

Duane Eddy

The Son Of Rebel Rouser / The Story Of Three Loves

Image for Just One Of Those Songs/ So Close To Heaven

Jackie Lee

Just One Of Those Songs / So Close To Heaven

Image for Marabunta/ Maria

Tielman Brothers

Marabunta / Maria

Image for Happy Popcorn/ Another Wild Weekend

Rockin Rebels

Happy Popcorn / Another Wild Weekend

Image for Diamonds/ String Of Guitars

Billy Mure And The 7 Karats

Diamonds / String Of Guitars

Image for Jivin' Around/ Doin' The Shotish

Al Casey Combo

Jivin' Around / Doin' The Shotish

Image for Telegraph/ Caravan


Telegraph / Caravan

My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His G/ Guitar'd And Feather

Duane Eddy

My Baby Plays The Same Old Song On His G / Guitar'd And Feather

Image for Passion Guitar/ Velvet Mood

Joe Tinari

Passion Guitar / Velvet Mood

Image for Bop Train/ String Of Pearls

Bill Justis

Bop Train / String Of Pearls

Image for Flea Circus/ Cloud Nine

Bill Justis

Flea Circus / Cloud Nine

Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar/ Joshin'

Duane Eddy

Lonely Boy, Lonely Guitar / Joshin'

Image for Unchained Melody/ Hey, Mr Guitar

Chet Atkins

Unchained Melody / Hey, Mr Guitar

Image for Raunchy 1970/ Dark Blue

Jan Davis

Raunchy 1970 / Dark Blue

Image for Loco-motion/ Green Grass Of Texas

Jim Dandees

Loco-motion / Green Grass Of Texas

Image for Bongo Blue Beat/ Burn Baby Burn

Rockin Rebels

Bongo Blue Beat / Burn Baby Burn

Image for The Drag - Number One/ The Drag - Number Two

Cheerful Earfuls

The Drag - Number One / The Drag - Number Two

Image for College Man/ The Stranger

Bill Justis

College Man / The Stranger

Image for Cheek To Cheek (cha Cha Cha)/ Cathy Cha Cha Cha


Cheek To Cheek (cha Cha Cha) / Cathy Cha Cha Cha

Image for It's About Time/ Broken Moods

R Boys

It's About Time / Broken Moods

Image for Love Is Everywhere/ Midnight Magic

R Boys

Love Is Everywhere / Midnight Magic

Image for 38-24-38/ Martinique

Bernie Wayne

38-24-38 / Martinique

Image for Mashed # 5/ Rockin'-on-n-off

B. Bumble And The Stingers

Mashed # 5 / Rockin'-on-n-off

Image for Hully Gully Rock/ Rockin' Crickets

Rockin Rebels

Hully Gully Rock / Rockin' Crickets

Image for The Good, The Bad And The Ugly/ March With Hope

Hugo Montenegro

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly / March With Hope

Image for Wild Weekend/ Wild Weekend Cha-cha


Wild Weekend / Wild Weekend Cha-cha

Image for The Wild Westerner/ Ballad Of Paladin

Duane Eddy

The Wild Westerner / Ballad Of Paladin

Image for The 400 Blows (hide Me In Your Arms)/ La Dolce Vita

Leo Diamond

The 400 Blows (hide Me In Your Arms) / La Dolce Vita

Image for Scroungie/ Wild Rice

Bill Justis

Scroungie / Wild Rice

Image for Prissy/ La Fiesta

Chet Atkins

Prissy / La Fiesta

Image for Before Midnight/ After Midnight

Big Jay Mcneely

Before Midnight / After Midnight

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