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Browse our wide selection of hip hip records available online at Rare Soulman. Add the rhythmic vocal sounds of hip hop vinyl to your collection, featuring tracks such as Public Enemy, Grandmaster Flash, Big Daddy Kane, 50 Cent, Mobb Deep etc. 45s, 12”, LP’s.

With over 250 records to browse, add hip hop vinyl to your collection. All of our vinyl is carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Hip Hop Vinyl, you may also be interested in our Instrumental 45's.

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Image for Here We Go/ Here We Go (dub)

Marla And The Good Mar And Plenty Cru

Here We Go / Here We Go (dub)

Image for Hollywood (state Of Mind)/ Love Somebody (love Me)

Samaki And The Variations

Hollywood (state Of Mind) / Love Somebody (love Me)

Image for Home Invasion/ Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Ice T

Home Invasion / Immaculate 1993 Double Lp

Image for Wild Wild West/ How Ya Like Me Now

Kool Moe Dee

Wild Wild West / How Ya Like Me Now

Image for Hard Rock (it's The Beat Of The Street)/ Same:


Hard Rock (it's The Beat Of The Street) / Same:

Image for Who Is It/ 3 Mixes


Who Is It / 3 Mixes

Image for Who Do You Think I Am/ I'm So Into You

Roxanne E. Jordan

Who Do You Think I Am / I'm So Into You

Image for Working Girl/ Same: Instrumental

Shelly Thunder

Working Girl / Same: Instrumental

Image for Heaven/ Same; 3.55 Version

Darryl Duncan

Heaven / Same; 3.55 Version

Image for We're On This Case/ We're On This Case Uk Mix

Da Yeene

We're On This Case / We're On This Case Uk Mix

Image for Hey Mama/ Hey Mama

Black Eyed Peas

Hey Mama / Hey Mama

Image for Hallelujah/ Power Project 1


Hallelujah / Power Project 1

Image for Hear The Drummer (get Wicked)/ High On Life

Chad Jackson

Hear The Drummer (get Wicked) / High On Life

Image for We Don't Work For Free/ Same: Instrumental

Grandmaster Melle Mel

We Don't Work For Free / Same: Instrumental

How Ya Like Me Now/ Same: Instrumental

Kool Moe Dee

How Ya Like Me Now / Same: Instrumental

Image for Wash Your Face In My Sink/ Built For The 90s

Dream Warriors

Wash Your Face In My Sink / Built For The 90s

Image for Here I Go Again/ Chillin'

Force M.ds

Here I Go Again / Chillin'

Where The Hood At/ 3 Different Takes


Where The Hood At / 3 Different Takes

Image for H.o.u.s.e./ Same: Radio Edit Def Mix

Doug Lazy

H.o.u.s.e. / Same: Radio Edit Def Mix

Image for War (what Is It Good For)/ I Battle Bass

Maggazone Feat: D. Marcus C.

War (what Is It Good For) / I Battle Bass

Image for Wild, Wild West (single Edit)/ Same Instrumental

Kool Moe Dee

Wild, Wild West (single Edit) / Same Instrumental

Image for Warrior/ Same

M.c. Wildski

Warrior / Same

Image for We Don't Work For Free/ Instrumental

Grandmaster And Melle Mel

We Don't Work For Free / Instrumental

Image for We Love To Love/ Lookin' For Something

P.m. Sampson And Double Key

We Love To Love / Lookin' For Something

Image for Heroes Never Die/ Same:


Heroes Never Die / Same:

Image for House Party/ Same:

General Kane

House Party / Same:

Image for Have You Seen Her/ Help The Children

M. C. Hammer

Have You Seen Her / Help The Children

Image for Who Dat?/ Turn Te Clock Back


Who Dat? / Turn Te Clock Back

Image for Help The Children/ Instrumental

M. C. Hammer

Help The Children / Instrumental

Image for Hip House/ I Can Dance

Fast Eddie

Hip House / I Can Dance

Image for Here Comes The Hammer/ U Can't Touch This

M. C. Hammer

Here Comes The Hammer / U Can't Touch This

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