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Image for The Hawk/ Slippery Soul


The Hawk / Slippery Soul

Flight Too Many/ Play The Music Toronados

Tsu Toronadoes

Flight Too Many / Play The Music Toronados

Image for I Can Dig It/ For The Good Time

Daley Diggers coupled with Larry Daley

I Can Dig It / For The Good Time

Image for Ain't No Fool/ Steppin' Tall

Johnny Thompson

Ain't No Fool / Steppin' Tall

Image for Stop And Think/ Faith Will Help You On

Danny Delaney

Stop And Think / Faith Will Help You On

Image for Four Corners/ Four Corners Part 2

Lee Dorsey

Four Corners / Four Corners Part 2

Image for Something The Devil's Never Done/ Send Her Back

Sammy Taylor

Something The Devil's Never Done / Send Her Back

Image for Who Knows/ Where The Soul Trees Grow

Beau Dollar

Who Knows / Where The Soul Trees Grow

Image for Ain't Enough Pt. 1/ Ain't Enough Pt. 2


Ain't Enough Pt. 1 / Ain't Enough Pt. 2

Image for Make Me Feel It/ Love Never Fails

Tucker Bros. Plus

Make Me Feel It / Love Never Fails

Image for You Got It/ Soul Bug


You Got It / Soul Bug

Image for Shake Your Mini    Instru./ Shake Your Mini    Vocal

Ronnie Dee coupled with Showstoppers

Shake Your Mini Instru. / Shake Your Mini Vocal

Image for Do The Train/ Detroit City Soul


Do The Train / Detroit City Soul

Image for Your Love/ I’m Glad I Found The Lord

Bili Thedford And Danniebelle

Your Love / I’m Glad I Found The Lord

Image for Night Rider/ Black Child

Morris Dow And The Eastern Sound

Night Rider / Black Child

Image for Walk On Brother/ Plain As The Nose On Your Face


Walk On Brother / Plain As The Nose On Your Face

Image for Honky Tonk Popcorn/ Honky Tonk

Bill Doggett

Honky Tonk Popcorn / Honky Tonk

Image for Runaway People/ I'm So All Alone

Dyke And The Blazers

Runaway People / I'm So All Alone

Loose Booty/ You Can't Fool A Fool

Gradual Taylor

Loose Booty / You Can't Fool A Fool

Image for Don't Doubt Me/ Open Mt Eyes


Don't Doubt Me / Open Mt Eyes

Image for Spread The Word/ Turn Me On

Yvonne Daniels

Spread The Word / Turn Me On

Image for Disco Dancer/ I Am Lonely


Disco Dancer / I Am Lonely

Image for Funky Soul/ Drop Me A Line


Funky Soul / Drop Me A Line

Image for Squeeze Me/ Squeeze Me Pt.2

Dynamic 7

Squeeze Me / Squeeze Me Pt.2

Image for Git Sum/ Pickin Cotton

Johnny Talbot And De-thangs

Git Sum / Pickin Cotton

Image for Pick And Shovel/ Blue On Green


Pick And Shovel / Blue On Green

Image for Young Blood/ Secret Love

Detroit Jr.

Young Blood / Secret Love

Image for Monkey/ Sweet Sweet Love

J.c. Davis

Monkey / Sweet Sweet Love

Image for Mambo Guaguanco/ Flamingo

Rene Touzet

Mambo Guaguanco / Flamingo

Image for If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up/ Steppin In Her I, Miller Shoes

Betty Davis

If I'm In Luck I Might Get Picked Up / Steppin In Her I, Miller Shoes

Image for The Funky Whistler/ Lovin' Mood

Bill Doggett

The Funky Whistler / Lovin' Mood

Image for Follow The Leader/ Follow The Leader Part 2

Wiley Terry

Follow The Leader / Follow The Leader Part 2

Image for Babylon/ Stealin' Gold

Buddy Terry

Babylon / Stealin' Gold

Image for You're The One/ Same: Mono

Three Degrees

You're The One / Same: Mono

Image for Man On The Moon/ You Don't Know What I Want

Clay Tyson

Man On The Moon / You Don't Know What I Want

Image for Freaktime/ Same: Instrumental

Scott Davis And The Movements

Freaktime / Same: Instrumental

Image for Beer Cans And Empty Hands/ Same: 2.59 Mono Version

True Reflection

Beer Cans And Empty Hands / Same: 2.59 Mono Version

Image for It's Not How You Make Love/ In My Heart


It's Not How You Make Love / In My Heart

Image for Tuck's Theme/ Swingin' Tight

Bill Deal And The Rhondels

Tuck's Theme / Swingin' Tight

Image for Sophisticated Sissy/ Greasy Spoon

Rufus Thomas

Sophisticated Sissy / Greasy Spoon

Image for Pipedream/ Don't Make Me Laugh

Third Ave. Blues Band

Pipedream / Don't Make Me Laugh

Image for Treat Us Women Funky/ I Wanna Jump

Ike Turner And Tina

Treat Us Women Funky / I Wanna Jump

Image for Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (from Now/ There Should Be A Book

Lee Dorsey

Everything I Do Gonh Be Funky (from Now / There Should Be A Book

Image for Nassau Daddy/ Jive Mother In Law

Jamo Thomas And The Party Brothers

Nassau Daddy / Jive Mother In Law

Image for Why Can't We Live Together/ Funky Me

Timmy Thomas

Why Can't We Live Together / Funky Me

Shake Your Big Hips/ Lost Love

Israel Tolbert

Shake Your Big Hips / Lost Love

Image for Check Your Battery/ Same. Pt 2.

Johnny Tolbert

Check Your Battery / Same. Pt 2.

Image for Get It/ Same:

Triplett Twins

Get It / Same:

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