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Browse our impressive selection of Car Boot Sale vinyl, all slightly under our usual flawless condition. All listings are hugely discounted, because of lesser conditions. all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 1,000 individual items in stock, add the iconic sounds of Otis Redding, Temptations, Marvin Gaye and so much more.

The condition and authenticity of our Car Boot Sale records are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Motown Worldwide records, then you may also enjoy checking out the latest additions to our auction.

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Image for The Way Of The Crowd/ Crossword Puzzle

Dan Folger

The Way Of The Crowd / Crossword Puzzle

Try To Understand/ I Got The Feelin'

Little Hank

Try To Understand / I Got The Feelin'

Image for Tomorrow Never Came/ Losing

Jean Brooks

Tomorrow Never Came / Losing

Image for Lucky To Be Loved (by You)/ Our World

Emanuel Lasky

Lucky To Be Loved (by You) / Our World

Ten Miles High/ Same:

David And The Giants

Ten Miles High / Same:

Gee Baby (i Love You)/ What's This Coming


Gee Baby (i Love You) / What's This Coming

That's My Girl/ Hear Me Calling Baby

Larry Owilliams

That's My Girl / Hear Me Calling Baby

Tonight I Fell In Love/ I Love My Baby


Tonight I Fell In Love / I Love My Baby

Image for Trying To Get To You/ My Baby Is Soul Good


Trying To Get To You / My Baby Is Soul Good

Greetings (this Is Uncle Sam)/ Take A Chance


Greetings (this Is Uncle Sam) / Take A Chance

The Promised Land/ Funky Jerk

Sam Moultrie

The Promised Land / Funky Jerk

Love Takes A Long Time Growing/ Hush Little Baby

Deon Jackson

Love Takes A Long Time Growing / Hush Little Baby

Image for Girls, Girls, Girls/ The Man In You

Chuck Jackson

Girls, Girls, Girls / The Man In You

Take Your Love & Run/ (until Then) I'll Suffer

Barbara Lynn

Take Your Love & Run / (until Then) I'll Suffer

Image for Gotta Find A Way/ Wonderful One

Theresa Lindsey

Gotta Find A Way / Wonderful One

Image for Tired Of Being Nobody/ Same


Tired Of Being Nobody / Same

Image for The Golden Rule/ Hey Little Boy

Shirley And Lee

The Golden Rule / Hey Little Boy

Image for Too Late/ Two For The Price Of One

Larry Williams And Johnny Watson

Too Late / Two For The Price Of One

Image for Love Belongs To Everyone/ Yes I Really Love You

Sandy Wynns

Love Belongs To Everyone / Yes I Really Love You

Image for Little Ole Man/ Don'cha Know

Bill Cosby

Little Ole Man / Don'cha Know

Image for Look In Your Eyes/ All I Want Is You

Scott Mackenzie

Look In Your Eyes / All I Want Is You

Image for They Put A Spell On You/ A Fool For You


They Put A Spell On You / A Fool For You

Image for Let The Good Times Roll/ There's No Love Left

Bunny Sigler

Let The Good Times Roll / There's No Love Left

The Snake/ Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Al Wilson

The Snake / Getting Ready For Tomorrow

Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself/ Another Lonely Saturday

Dee Dee Warwick

Gotta Get A Hold Of Myself / Another Lonely Saturday

Image for Let's Get It On/ I Wish It Would Rain

Marvin Gaye

Let's Get It On / I Wish It Would Rain

Love Is Summertime/ Where There's Smoke There's Fi


Love Is Summertime / Where There's Smoke There's Fi

Give Me A Little Sign/ Same: Mono

Timmy Willis

Give Me A Little Sign / Same: Mono

True Lovers/ The Land Of Milk And Honey


True Lovers / The Land Of Milk And Honey

Image for Love Can Really Hurt You Deep/ Blank

Lee Rogers

Love Can Really Hurt You Deep / Blank

Image for The Way You Do/ See How They Run


The Way You Do / See How They Run

Image for True Love At Last/ Friends And Lovers Don't Go To

Hoagy Lands

True Love At Last / Friends And Lovers Don't Go To

Image for The Loser/ Everything Is Fine


The Loser / Everything Is Fine

Image for The Duck/ Let Your Conscience Be Your Gu

Jackie Lee

The Duck / Let Your Conscience Be Your Gu

Image for Love Me/ Know All About You

Ad Libs

Love Me / Know All About You

The Beware Song/ Fourteen Getting Older


The Beware Song / Fourteen Getting Older

Image for Georgia Pines/ I'm A Man

Mighty Sam

Georgia Pines / I'm A Man

Image for Two-time Loser/ Lovey Dovey Kinda Lovin'

Brenton Wood

Two-time Loser / Lovey Dovey Kinda Lovin'

Image for Love Business/ Keep My Fingers Crossed

Dave Prater

Love Business / Keep My Fingers Crossed

Image for Good Luck/ Same


Good Luck / Same

Image for Got To Be Love/ You Don't Care About Me


Got To Be Love / You Don't Care About Me

Image for Twenty Five Miles/ El Tres

Mongo Santamaria

Twenty Five Miles / El Tres

Image for Gloria/ You're Looking Good

Dee Clark

Gloria / You're Looking Good

Tears Come Tumbling/ You Won't Be There


Tears Come Tumbling / You Won't Be There

Image for Goddess Of Love/ He's A Good Guy (yes He Is)


Goddess Of Love / He's A Good Guy (yes He Is)

Twinkle Twinkle Little Me/ Twinkle Twinkle Little Me


Twinkle Twinkle Little Me / Twinkle Twinkle Little Me

Image for Think Before You Walk Away/ So Many Tears


Think Before You Walk Away / So Many Tears

Image for That's My Little Suzie/ Bluebirds Over The Mountain

Ritchie Valens

That's My Little Suzie / Bluebirds Over The Mountain

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