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Browse our impressive selection of Car Boot Sale vinyl, all slightly under our usual flawless condition. All listings are hugely discounted, because of lesser conditions. all available online at Rare Soulman. With over 1,000 individual items in stock, add the iconic sounds of Otis Redding, Temptations, Marvin Gaye and so much more.

The condition and authenticity of our Car Boot Sale records are always carefully and closely scrutinised. If you enjoyed our Motown Worldwide records, then you may also enjoy checking out the latest additions to our auction.

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Image for You're Gonna Love My Baby/ The Touch Of Time

Barbara Mcnair

You're Gonna Love My Baby / The Touch Of Time

Image for The Way Of The Crowd/ Crossword Puzzle

Dan Folger

The Way Of The Crowd / Crossword Puzzle

Image for Walk With A Winner/ A Miracle

Gene Mcdaniels

Walk With A Winner / A Miracle

Image for Can't Live Without Your Love/ I'm Only Half A Man Without Yo

Johnny Moore

Can't Live Without Your Love / I'm Only Half A Man Without Yo

Image for Fell In Love With You Baby/ A Little Girl Grew Up Last Nig

Linda Elliot

Fell In Love With You Baby / A Little Girl Grew Up Last Nig

Image for The Next In Line/ Please Don't Talk About Me Whe

Hoagy Lands

The Next In Line / Please Don't Talk About Me Whe

Image for Work With Me Annie/ You May Lose The One You Love

Jock Mitchell

Work With Me Annie / You May Lose The One You Love

Image for End Up Crying/ Ain't Love That Way


End Up Crying / Ain't Love That Way

Try To Understand/ I Got The Feelin'

Little Hank

Try To Understand / I Got The Feelin'

Image for Who's Cheating Who/ Ain't No Big Deal On You

Little Milton

Who's Cheating Who / Ain't No Big Deal On You

Image for Sock It To 'em J.b./ Sock It To 'em J.b.part 2

Rex Garvin And The Mighty Cravers

Sock It To 'em J.b. / Sock It To 'em J.b.part 2

Image for Do It Now/ You Should Have Been A Doctor

Bessie Banks

Do It Now / You Should Have Been A Doctor

Image for Don't Walk Away/ It's The End

Cheryle Thompson

Don't Walk Away / It's The End

Image for Tomorrow Never Came/ Losing

Jean Brooks

Tomorrow Never Came / Losing

Image for Hold On Baby/ Bad As They Come

Sam Hawkins

Hold On Baby / Bad As They Come

Royal Queen/ Love Me

Clarence Williams

Royal Queen / Love Me

Image for Can't Let You Go/ I Hired The Girl


Can't Let You Go / I Hired The Girl

Image for Is It Over Baby/ Undecided You


Is It Over Baby / Undecided You

Image for How Big Is Big/ Please Take Me Back


How Big Is Big / Please Take Me Back

Image for Girls Are Out To Get You/ You'll Be Sorry


Girls Are Out To Get You / You'll Be Sorry

Image for Lucky To Be Loved (by You)/ Our World

Emanuel Lasky

Lucky To Be Loved (by You) / Our World

Image for Your Autumn Of Tomorrow/ Uncle Funk


Your Autumn Of Tomorrow / Uncle Funk

Image for By The River/ Same Part 2

Tee C. Bee

By The River / Same Part 2

Image for You Did Your Thing/ Moon Shot

Carlton Holland And The Sinclayrs

You Did Your Thing / Moon Shot

Image for Discophonic Walk/ Back To School One More Time

Jerry Blavat And The Yon Teenagers

Discophonic Walk / Back To School One More Time

Image for Rock Me Til 'i Want No More/ Long Dusty Road

Phil Lowman

Rock Me Til 'i Want No More / Long Dusty Road

Ten Miles High/ Same:

David And The Giants

Ten Miles High / Same:

Gee Baby (i Love You)/ What's This Coming


Gee Baby (i Love You) / What's This Coming

Image for I Can't Hear You No More/ Soul Fool


I Can't Hear You No More / Soul Fool

Image for Pretty Red Balloons/ You'll Always Have Me


Pretty Red Balloons / You'll Always Have Me

Image for I've Lost You/ Those Heartaches

Jackie Wilson

I've Lost You / Those Heartaches

Image for I Believe In You/ The Little White Cloud


I Believe In You / The Little White Cloud

Image for Mr.moonlight/ Burning Memories

Lenny Ohenry

Mr.moonlight / Burning Memories

Image for Cause You Know Me/ Three Choruses

Robin Rick And Him

Cause You Know Me / Three Choruses

Image for I'm Gonna Wait/ You're All For Yourself

Leon Haywood

I'm Gonna Wait / You're All For Yourself

Why Girl/ What I Want


Why Girl / What I Want

Coming Home/ Your Love Is Fading

Southwind Symphony

Coming Home / Your Love Is Fading

Image for Needle In A Haystack/ Should I Tell Them


Needle In A Haystack / Should I Tell Them

Image for Everybody's Got Somebody/ The Best Part Of Me

Miss Lavell

Everybody's Got Somebody / The Best Part Of Me

Image for Mama Didn't Lie/ Lovers Like Me

Jan Bradley

Mama Didn't Lie / Lovers Like Me

Prove It/ Fresh Out Of Teardrops

Mary Wheeler

Prove It / Fresh Out Of Teardrops

Image for My Elusive Dreams/ What's Better Than Love

Moses Dillard And Joshua

My Elusive Dreams / What's Better Than Love

You're Gonna Miss Me/ Where Does Love Go

Lee Mitchell

You're Gonna Miss Me / Where Does Love Go

Image for Mr. Soul Satisfaction/ I'm Wondering

Timmy Willis

Mr. Soul Satisfaction / I'm Wondering

Image for Hey Lonely One/ Doodlin

Baby Washington

Hey Lonely One / Doodlin

That's My Girl/ Hear Me Calling Baby

Larry Owilliams

That's My Girl / Hear Me Calling Baby

I'm In Love With You/ Down Here On The Ground

Bobby Wade

I'm In Love With You / Down Here On The Ground

Mama Saw Me/ The Richest Girl


Mama Saw Me / The Richest Girl

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