Lonley, Lonely Girl Am I / I'm The Exception To The Rule

Tamla Motown : TMG 521 DJ

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  • Artist: Velvelettes
  • A Side: Lonley, Lonely Girl Am I
  • B Side: I'm The Exception To The Rule
  • Label: Tamla Motown
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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This is a week for the IMPOSSIBLE!! to happen.

Liverpool overcome 3 goal deficit to beat Barcelona!

Tottenham Hotspur score 3 goals in 45 minutes to beat Ajax, leaving the winning goal until the last few seconds... breath-taking!

Manship has a MINT unplayed 1965 TMG 521 - that still has plastic chards hanging from the centre spindle hole, when it was die-cut in 1965.

TRUE MINT UNPLAYED - soundfile has been lifted from another source - the winner will receive a 100% unplayed 54 year old British Tamla Motown artefact.

Surely in 2019 an impossible find!

One for the British collector who takes condition, just as seriously as Klopp & Pochettino take their football.

Simply one of the finest Motown creations adopted by the Northern Soul scene; a classic for decades, right from its debut at The Twisted Wheel through to last weekend; when this anthem would surely has rang out from the NS festive parties across Britain. Some classics never fade away, this one truly endures. Mainly because the creator Norman Whitfield conjures up a signature full orchestral production of massive power. A crowded string tsunami, pummelling-percussion, peppered with hard-blown horns. Not to mention those oh so sweet Velvelettes vocals, a group that went seemingly under-appreciated by the Motown executives who astonishingly deprived the girls of their much deserved album. That would have undoubtedly have dulled some of The Supremes prestige as many Motown scholars feel The Velvelettes were vocally superior and infinitely more fluid in the harmonies.

This recording goes some way in strengthening that argument, as Norman Whitfield shepherds the trio through intricate, pacey but crystal clear phases riding the most powerful of productions...Originally issued as a flipside, is a studio session that certainly underscores their vocal prowess. The wonderful ballad flipside "I'm The Exception To The Rule" also recorded magnificently by the Temptations, again showcases their impeccable harmonizing expertise.

Only the powers at Motown knows why these ladies were limited to only 5 singles and denied an album release.. but before you today is their rarest 45 in unicorn-rare condition.

Condition Report

Totally mint unplayed. checked out the image of the centre spindle hole, this 45 has never ever been placed on a turntable.

A Side

  • Title: Lonley, Lonely Girl Am I

    B Side

  • Title: I'm The Exception To The Rule
  • Year: 1965
  • City: United Kingdom