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R&B Chart-Makers no. 3 / 1964 UK 4 track EP

Stateside: SE 1022

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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • A Side: R&B Chart-Makers no. 3
  • B Side: 1964 UK 4 track EP
  • Label: Stateside
  • Format: EP



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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R&B Chart-makers no. 3 is undoubtedly the rarest in this series of 4 EP EMI put out on their USA orientated Stateside label.

Not only by far the hardest "Chart-Maker" EP to acquire but also carries the bonus of two standout Northern Soul tracks that never achieved release in the UK as singles.

2nd track side one, is the 1963 one-off amalgamation of The Marvelletes with The Andantes forming the experimental girl group guided by Holland - Dozier - Holland..
The Darnells - Too Hurt To Cry, Too Much In Love To Say Goodbye - as you'd expect the this dream-team gathering the song epitomises the girl group sound., that failed to sell in the USA which curtailed any further ventures into mixing up groups and rechristening them with an unknown name.

The 1st track side two is also a 1963 classic style Hitsville recording that never achieved a 45 issue in the UK. The gifted Motown lyricist who was achieving so much success with the HDH writing/producing trio he was soon to stop studio recording and live performances; committing fulltime to the pen.

The other two tracks of the four, require no word from me, they are of course rug-tearing Motown classic of the most energetic kind. Proper classic of their time.

So let's now move on to the primary reason for this EP coming to auction - it's all about

CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION! read the condition report below. This born in 1964 EP has never in my memory looked more immaculate ta it does today.. an exceptional copy awaits those TMG collectors quite rightly OCD about condition of their covers, labels and vinyl

Condition Report

Laminated flipback cover front, reflects uncreased full gloss mirror finish, not a laminate vein in sight.
Back Cover is free of writing, creases, sticker or tear. Just a minuscule light age-browning stain top-right corner (see images) all 4 four corner-tips are sharp and pointed, NO dings.
Both labels reveal no sign of turntable activity, no spindle trails, 4 prong centre in place, no dinking paper chards or hairline - as good as it gets
The vinyl is a miraculous mint minus on both sides - just the merest sleeve storage blemish, revealed under intense scrutiny of being angled in the light.

YOU WILL NEVER BE SEEKING AN UPGRADE. This is TMG endgame collecting

A Side

  • Title: R&B Chart-Makers no. 3

    B Side

  • Title: 1964 UK 4 track EP
  • Year: 1964
  • City: United Kingdom