Two People

Stop, Leave My Heart Alone / Love Dust

Revue : R 11033 DJ


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  • Artist: Two People
  • A Side: Stop, Leave My Heart Alone
  • B Side: Love Dust
  • Label: Revue
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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After being first found by the Frost Brothers of Leicester in 1972, from the same record list they discovered the first copy of George Blackwell. Pete Jenner of Blaby had some great stuff on those sales list of his, all at 75p. As Mr. Jenner imported "blind" packs of 45s from the east coast. "Two People" was first played by "The Frost's" at Leicestershire's most Soulful club circa '72 "The Fantasia" in Quorn. A regular "scooter run" destination, kept popular by the enthusiastic DJing of Kev Hall, Bill Poole, Chris & Steve Frost. Some ground-breaking tunes started their life in that cosy venue. "Two People" didn't break have the affect of George Blackwell, but it got there in the end... respect to the "Frost's" who recognised its addictive qualities decades before most.

In recent years "Two People" is enjoying a huge renaissance, fondly remembered by those who local NS events in and around East Anglia. That is why Tony Dellar has been re-activating this unusual stomper in recent years to a much-welcome response.

Starting it’s Northern Soul journey way, way back in the early 70s with the “Merlin” of Northern Soul, Tony Dellar inside his castle of Soul “The Howard Mallett” club Cambridge, a place of magical homely proportions, that should be considered one of the truly-pioneering, in fact ground-breaking, NS clubs of all time.

Written by "Big Don's Rebellion" lead man Donald Bennett, this almost forgotten killer, is being played out and about again, it reignited my love for this old favourite. Not heard it, in a while and now it sounds so darn good… So decidedly different, instantly appealing, as the Donald Bennett percussion and vibe cocktail drills into your brain, elevated by two emotional vocals (Bill Woodruff and Donald Bennett). But then an innovative moment lifts the recording to yet another level. With a mix of fantastic fuzz-guitar wailings from the celebrated "Animals" guitarist Victor Briggs blended with searing string section breaks, cemented with compelling "ooh-oohs" from the pairing..


After over 40 years sitting on the back-burner of DJ’s boxes, take a leaf out of Tony Dellar's vastly experienced book. This is an inspired drop, that drips with inventiveness, inspiration & individualism.
Noting that this copy is near pristine, still snug in it’s birth-sleeve.

as for Tony Dellar…you may ask why we don’t see more of him.. well he was last seen walking down the A1, in his dressing gown, waving a sparkling wand conjuring spells of those enchanting “Howard Mallet” experiences to return..

BUT WAIT there's more, the flipside "LOVE DUST" is an overlooked masterpiece of the Northern Soul Crossover - so damn good I was in two mind as to keep this 45 myself and drop "Love Dust" into my DJ box, absolutely perfect for a head-turning drop at any Sunday Chill afternoon or Soul Essence ort Liverpool Weekenders.

"Love Dust" in my tune for August 2022 - saturated in untold potential!

Condition Report

Two clean promo labels, full gloss Mint minus vinyl revealing only the merest soft sleeve storage hairlines when angled in the light. Strong mint minus, flawless fidelity.

A Side

  • Title: Stop, Leave My Heart Alone

    B Side

  • Title: Love Dust
  • Year: 1968
  • City: Los Angeles, California