Tracy Pendarvis

A Thousand Guitars / Is It Too Late

London: HLS 9059

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  • Artist: Tracy Pendarvis
  • A Side: A Thousand Guitars
  • B Side: Is It Too Late
  • Label: London
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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an extremely rare 1960 UK press of this Memphis Sun 335 release. A recording that is elusive on both sides of the Atlantic.

Certainly his rarest release of the two British London 45s issued in Britain; with the Sun 45 turning up infrequently these days..

An accomplished southern talent, that Sun signed after he released his two highly sought after 45s on Scott during 1958. Earning him a reputation for potential Rockabilly stardom, unfortunately that never quite materialized but did leave a legacy of several highly collectable 45s that he mostly compassed himself. Like "A Thousand Guitars" and "Is It Too Late" both Pendarvis compositions.

Serious UK London collectors will acknowledge just how difficult it is to acquire a clean copy of this disc; (read the condition report) and also appreciate Tracy's easy going style, this recording incorporating skilled Sun Studio percussion, enriching the simplistic guitar picking whilst Tracy strolls through the lyrics with "Orbison-esque" serenity. A masterful meandering piece of Memphis Rock & Roll.

Flip it over for a similar paced lament, this time the studio fills up with vocal-group voices, laying down a carpet of male choruses. You can almost visualize the studio swaying under the weight of solidarity and friendship, this record portrays.

A typical SUN session underling the buddy-work the studio was renowned for..

An exceptionally clean copy of an elusive 45 on this highly collectable British label, that most will have missing from the London run.

Condition Report

A notoriously difficult British 45 to find in any condition, let alone a mint minus copy. Both labels are flawless, 4 prong die-cut center firmly attached. A-side vinyl has a solitary mild cosmetic surface brush mark that does not react with the stylus, otherwise Mint -. Flipside vinyl is Mint - Completely off the scale RARE is this nearly perfect state.

A Side

  • Title: A Thousand Guitars

    B Side

  • Title: Is It Too Late
  • Year: 1960
  • City: United Kingdom