Towanda Barnes

You Don't Mean It / ( You Better ) Someone To Love

A&M : 1141 DJ

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  • Artist: Towanda Barnes
  • A Side: You Don't Mean It
  • B Side: ( You Better ) Someone To Love
  • Label: A&M
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Is this the greatest vocal performance of all Northern Soul sister classics?

Certainly a wake up call, that buries mediocrity in it's wake; authentic uncompromising Northern Soul from the thunderous throat of Towanda (Gloria) Barnes, as the consistently uncompromising Johnny Brantley hands Towanda the microphone to show the Ohio Players what it possible when a woman has an unstoppable scalding attitude running through her veins..

Driving Bongos are the perfect backdrop to this lady's domination of the lyrics, deliberate "Off-Key" horns add their own charm into this whirlpool boyfriend berating.. no matter how many times I hear it.. AWESOME is the first word that enters my head. But in all this NS glory have we overlooked a real gem languishing on the flipside..

Again Brantley unleashes the horns, blasting away, with full-blown enthusiasm, this time it's the guitar that is given the "off Key" nod; Funkier funk is about to invade your space, as Towarda strides out with even more attitude, more sass, overriding the power of the brass and again stealing the show with her Marva Whitney comparable excellence!

TWO GREAT SIDES with the flipside perched and ready to fly on whichever scene you play it on... it's a double dance-floor hand-grenade..!!

Condition Report

two spanking clean promo labels, full gloss totally unblemished vinyl

A Side

  • Title: You Don't Mean It

    B Side

  • Title: ( You Better ) Someone To Love
  • Year: October 1967
  • City: New York, N.Y.