Tony Galla

"In Love" / Girls Go For Boys

Swan : S-4275-I yellow & blue

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  • Artist: Tony Galla
  • A Side: "In Love"
  • B Side: Girls Go For Boys
  • Label: Swan
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: wol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The much rare YELLOW label wiuth BLUE text.

Before we start our rave about this perfect-storm, of Northern Soul. Let us again reiterate that, The "Southbound Freeway" "Revelations" Swan S-4272 that plays "Tony Galla - In Love" is a tragic case of Swan Records "MIS-LABELLING" at the pressing plant. Not the first issue at all, in fact "Southbound Freeway" are a totally different band from Michigan featuring Lenny Somberg, Marc Chover, Marty Somberg & Jimmy Moller "Revelations" is a stand-alone recording, that has nothing to do with this Buffalo, New York based Tony Galla, Anita Galla or band manager / radio DJ Joey Reynolds.

So if you're happy to own a miss-pressed 45 with the wrong labelling, read no further. As before you today, is the real-deal lounging in its rarest attire, the coveted yellow label. The correct release, pressed once the pressing plant "work-experience" apprentice got his act together and placed the correct labels in the hopper.

Before you today, is the most devilish-dancefloor-detonator in its most-elusive form. An uncompromising production of the meanest kind, brutal piano and Hammond organ rumblings, with feet twisting instrumental breaks support Tony's ferocious vocal, a booming voice matched up to the immense hammering clout of his surroundings. An explosive cocktail of clobbering piano keys and whirlwind Hammond whips up into an exemplary slab of Northern Soul Dance. Bristling with power, matched by a bellowing vocal that multiplies his muscular presence, with each verse he sings. Tony Galla's insistent torrent of love sweeps away all before it...then there's that unparalleled piano break lifting the session into one of the purest Northern Soul dancers ever made...


Condition Report

Small name BRESKY on a-side label, otherwise two clean yellow labels with crisp dark blue text. vinyl inspection reveals multiple soft surface hairlines, none of which react with the stylus, no click, crackle or pops. check out the strong beautifully clean sound fidelity. crisp, rich and clean

A Side

  • Title: "In Love"

    B Side

  • Title: Girls Go For Boys
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Buffalo, New York