Tikki, Takki Suzy, Lies

Dream Stealer / Ba-Da-Da-Dum

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  • Artist: Tikki, Takki Suzy, Lies
  • A Side: Dream Stealer
  • B Side: Ba-Da-Da-Dum
  • Label: UPC
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M
  • Label Condition: M
  • Sleeve Condition: M

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Flawless previously unplayed archive copy.

A UK CBS distributed indie that has received strong Northern Soul attention in the past, before slipping away again into total obscurity; but during the early 70's this was a very sought after 45, sitting at the frony of the minds of the countrywide army of junk shop, market stall vinyl foragers.

Since those formative times, we've hardly seen a copy of this disc for sale, I did have it in my collection way back. But to acquire a copy recently, still sat in it's birth-sleeve, catapulted me back in time when we youngsters would scoured those vinyl hiding place for a chance to find a disc like this. A 45 that gives up, the promise this spectacular label has suggested.

A b-side created by Peter and The Wolves front man John Pantry, who certainly had an ear for and upbeat recording. Taking these 4 attractive ladies into the studios, when CBS signed deal with them, after two years touring in Europe. The quartet left their native Indonesia for political reasons. Changing their name from "Flower Girls" (Dara Puspita) to Tikki, Takki, Suzy, Lies; an artist credit you don't forget in a hurry., nor the spectacular label and sleeve combination leave your mind in hurry, either.

Full blooded girl-group Northern Soul with a difference, one to pique the interest of British 45 complements and girl-group aficionados. Who know all to well, just how elusive this engaging record is.

Seldom seen for sale... and never in this perfect previously unplayed archive condition.

NOTE. Those collector seeking out breaks and beats will discover strong fuzz guitar and clean forceful drumming inbetween the vocals..

The original A-side "Ba-Da-Da-Dum" is certainly not in the slightest Northern Soul but does feature some quirky "fuzz" guitar and useful "drum" breaks.

Condition Report

Perfect labels, four prong die-cut center intact, housed in the insanely rare birth sleeve. ALL IMMACULATE looking exactly like it did in September 1970 when it left the factory.

A Side

  • Title: Dream Stealer

    B Side

  • Title: Ba-Da-Da-Dum
  • Year: 11th September 1970
  • City: United Kingdom