The Volumes

The Same Old Feeling / The Trouble I've Seen

Impact : 1017 DJ

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  • Artist: The Volumes
  • A Side: The Same Old Feeling
  • B Side: The Trouble I've Seen
  • Label: Impact
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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As a teenager I had not yet made acquaintance with the subtleties of life; it had all passed me by. As I dowsed myself in "Brut" to hide the odour of Players No. 6 that had impregnated my sheepskin coat. Drinking Lager instead of fine real ales my Dad would sup. Ordering "Blue Nun" or "Black Tower" wine to impress a girl on our first date at the local candlelit restaurant. Ordering "sherbet" as my date kindly pointing out, she thought "Sorbet" was pronounced "Sore-bey" not Sherbet. Or how could my stack-heel cream and red shoes and green flares ever be the right thing to wear.. oh the shame of a tasteless uneducated youth. The food was good, but she never accepted my request for a rerun of our evening. I knew I should've splashed on the "Old Spice"..

Likewise when I bought this Volumes 45 from "Brian 45 Philips" circa 1972, it was Duke Browner's "The Trouble I've Seen" that rampaged on my turntable at home, a raucous Detroit stomper that took no prisoners.. I just LOVED IT! I don't ever think I gave the flipside more than a 20 second chance before I took it off the record-player, as a "stomper" .. it just wasn't.

It wasn't until I had long given up smoking, started to drink Burgundy whites; and took to wearing highly burnished Jeffrey West shoes, restaurant ordering Dover Sole, adding "I'll take it off the bone myself thank you.. " with the sheep skin long gone and now lining the Labrador's bed. It was around that time I started to appreciate the finer points of rare soul. I vaguely recall it was at a Bretby Allniter with my old friend from Nuneaton "Steve Kennedy" when someone dropped a tune that just halted my conversation.. "What the hell is this!" "wow"

It's The Volumes on Impact, Steve informed me. I was bemused, I collected the Impact label, I had nearly every 45 on it...? so I went up to the DJ and asked to see the record..

Now this was embarrassing, I had owned the record for well over a decade.. and never listened to the flipside. My ears, my gob and my nose had suddenly matured and I was now appreciating the finer things in life, especially quality Northern Soul.

Even today the haunting pulses of this Motor City, vocal-group harmony stepper has never sounded better... it's amazing how the years rolling by guide you towards finer music, better food, and away from that ridiculous dress sense ..

Condition Report

Two spotless labels, crisp clean white without a blemish. Vinyl is likewise, revealing only a sparse surface hairline or two when angled under direct light.

A Side

  • Title: The Same Old Feeling

    B Side

  • Title: The Trouble I've Seen
  • Year: 1966
  • City: Detroit, Mich