( Countdown ) Here I Come / Sad Sad Memories

Canterbury : C-504

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  • Artist: Tempos
  • A Side: ( Countdown ) Here I Come
  • B Side: Sad Sad Memories
  • Label: Canterbury
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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COUNTDOWN here comes real-deal Northern Soul, a top 500 monster from wondrous golden age of pre-Wigan Casino.

When the scene was still in it’s infancy and truly mind-blowing sounds sounds were being discovered every week. As Simon Soussan’s rich vein of vinyl-finds were in full flow as Los Angeles gave up it’s Soul treasures to an insatiable audience.

Click the sound file and imagine how the ears of the young Brit must have reacted to the seismic tremors of vocal-group expression. Guided by the L.A. console geniuses, that were Bobby Sanders & Gene Page. Total masters of the Californian Northern Soul creation.

There was nothing made in the UK during the 60’s that remotely resembles the Soul maelstrom created by these groups and their producers. It was fresh, exciting, exclusive and always surprising as every week different songs would greet you at those still underground clubs; The Torch, The Catacombs, VaVa’s , Up The Junction, Highland Room Blackpool Mecca, Leeds Central spread across the North of England.

This example along with The Younghearts - A Little Togetherness - laid the foundations for that final leap from underground, to overground... then running-free for the next 45 years..

(Countdown) Here I Come and sounds like it set the tone, made those possibilities happen to feed the phenomenon that is Northern Soul.

This example is the VERY RARE yellow label styrene original press in flawless condition. From a time of Soul invention that inadvertently triggered the greatest music cult of them all...

Condition Report

Two flawless yellow labels, both sides of the vinyl (remembering the flip side is a darn fantastic slab of Northern Soul in it’s own right) are strong band clean. Just a few feeble hairlines revealed under direct light. A fabulous copy.

A Side

  • Title: ( Countdown ) Here I Come

    B Side

  • Title: Sad Sad Memories
  • Year: January 1967
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal