Hey Girl Don't Bother Me / Take Away

His Master's Voice : POP 1331

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  • Artist: Tams
  • A Side: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
  • B Side: Take Away
  • Label: His Master's Voice
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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The ‘“Twisted Wheel” anthem that brought Northern Soul right into the British general public’s eye, when EMI in the summer of 1971 decided to re-issue the most-wanted Soul Club Sound record of the day.

The 1964 original HMV 45 had for 6 years been considered the "Holy Grail” for UK club DJ's. By September 1971 Joseph Pope and team had reached the No.1 spot in the UK charts. Marking the beginning for the other British companies to seriously sit up and take notice of what the Twisted Wheel, The Mojo and other British all-night Mod/Soul clubs had been playing to their ever growing congregations, trawling through their back catalogue seeking to emulate EMI’s success.

Here is the so-seldom-seen original September 1964 UK stock copy release of the timeless NS Anthem, in impossible Mint minus condition.

Its simplistic Ray Whitley sing-a-long lyrics woven into chugging, easy to dance to feel-good Calypso rhythms made this memorable song the most popular, most important dancefloor filler of the 60s. Its extreme rarity heightening demand year upon year until EMI reacted, with a reissue that resulted in the biggest “shock” No.1 chart success of the early 70’s.

To be fair EMI had their finger on the pulse of the Brit clubland culture throughout the 60s keeping Darrell Banks - Open The Door To Your Heart - on catalogue for 7 years. Reissuing Twisted Wheel favourites by The Impressions, Oscar Toney Jr., etc. But it was Joe Pope’s mesmeric vocal and Ray Whitley’s lyrics portraying the fragility of the male heart, that captured the teenage Brits imagination.

“But I've really gotta say, you look so fine
You're oh, oh, so hard to resist
But I know I've gotta stay away
'Cause I might fall for you
And I don't wanna be added to your list”

Captivated BBC radio DJs led by Tony Blackburn flooded the airways with its unique charms.

We wonder just how many thousands of teenagers were indoctrinated into the Northern Soul culture by the song’s runaway chart success that triggered every Youth Club disco, village hall dance, pub jukebox, to be resounding to the sounds of Atlanta, Georgia Soul on Indian summer weekends through 1971 and how many time-served MODS would be leaning at the bar, clutching the lapels of their smart blazers, smugly boasting we’ve been dancing to this for years at The Wheel, The Mojo, The Tiles, The Scene, The Dungeon, The Beachcomber, The Flamingo. It was THE ANTHEM of the era, the birth of big-money changing hands for deleted, unobtainable Soul 45s.

To own a flawless 1964 HMV original is a vintage Northern Soul trophy indeed.

PS the flipside “Take Away” carries brilliantly addictive dancefloor powers also..

Condition Report

Two clean labels, 4 prong centre intact, full gloss vinyl revealing only the merest birth-sleeve contact hairline under light. The finest example I've witnessed in decades!

A Side

  • Title: Hey Girl Don't Bother Me

    B Side

  • Title: Take Away
  • Year: 28th August 1964
  • City: United Kingdom