Sy Hightower

I Know You're Leaving Me / Wild Love

Carmen Records : CJS-1002

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  • Artist: Sy Hightower
  • A Side: I Know You're Leaving Me
  • B Side: Wild Love
  • Label: Carmen Records
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Top of the tree - 70s rare-soul cruisers - two tracks off the unissued Holy Grail unissued 1975 Sy Hytower album.

Track 4 on the unissed LP was "I Know You're Leaving Me" requires no introduction for any of you, who have frequented all the up-front Soul Clubs across Europe and Scandinavia over the last 30 years where this has graced the turntables of most every A-list Soul DJ sets and further across the globe.

This elusive 1975 Los Angele press 45 is one super-fine example of what is possible when arrangers & producers ignore outside commercial influences, crafting distilled Soul with a soulful dance instrumentation and compelling vocals. A flawless 70's independent Soul creation, you could ever dream of hearing.

Oakland, California trained Willie Hoskins, the man who did stellar work with The Natural Four, brings his classy techniques to the studio, flutes, insistent girl choruses, swirling keyboard, pattering bongos, with talented L.A. producer Jerry "Pynes" Pittman pulling it all together, ensuring those heavenly girl voices take on a celestial position on high, introducing plucking Harp notes and the recording just sails skyward!

The pair along with Sy expressing his impending heartbreak with his imploring, "sandpapered" occasionally "cracking" vocal, crafts a pure masterpiece of the genre.

With less than five known copies of the PROMO album currently residing in the world's most complete Soul collections and not expected to ever come to market.

Here is an opportunity to own a copy that has never been in a DJ's hands, vinyl and labels are pristine, sound quality is flawless.

If you are the type of collector or DJ who only settles for true authenticity, please note the disputed 2006 UK 45 on Hayley Records release, was pressed at the WRONG SPEED! Now enjoy the total clarity of the convincing emotion emitted by Sy Hightower and hear this song as producer Jerry "Pynes" Pittman originally intended...NOT speeded up!

The haunting flipside "Wild Love" is a must-hear also.

Condition Report

Perfect, head turning "art" labels, stunning unblemished mint minus vinyl, no a hint of any DJ activity whatsoever, it plays pristine!

A Side

  • Title: I Know You're Leaving Me

    B Side

  • Title: Wild Love
  • Year: 1975
  • City: Carmen Recprds. P.O. Box 2706, Hollywood, California 90028