Sweet Things

I'm In A World Of Trouble / Baby's Blue

Date : 2-1522 DJ

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  • Artist: Sweet Things
  • A Side: I'm In A World Of Trouble
  • B Side: Baby's Blue
  • Label: Date
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E
  • Label Condition: xol
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Prepare yourself to be take back to the very groundbreaking days, when it seemed every Northern Soul spin, was a life-changing magical moment of ecstasy.

For those of you who covert the timeless Northern Soul classics, the pre-Wigan foundation laying cornerstone tunes of Northern Soul, building a collection of dilstilled euphoric m,emories. How about this reminder of your teenage NS awakening, a Soul music baptism of fire, when every weekend your head was sent spinning by an unparalleled avalanche of previously unheard 60's dance Soul.

A weekly adventure into new music you'd never heard before, set up the tantalizing anticipation of planning your weekend with like-minded friends. Were you going to spend the weekend at The Catacombs in Wolverampton, Va Va's in Bolton, The Highland Room at the Blackpool Mecca, Leeds Central, The Torch in Stoke On Trent or maybe more local, The Brit in Nottingham. All these places were in fierce competition with each other to play the best discoveries. If a DJ at a certain club had just discovered an "exclusive" the word quickly spread and that club became the destination. To travel 200 / 300 miles to hear an "exclusive" new tune, was never considered too far, we'd scan the club adverts in Blues & Soul for anything we had not heard of, those names Richard Temple, Butch Baker, Sweet Things, Dynamics would appear in the adverts and off you went on a journey of discovery, full of expectations of hearing records that sent shivers through you.

In California there was Leeds exile by the name of Simon Soussan. Vinyl digging every day, unearthing mind-blowing previously unknown 60's Soul dance 45's. In Canada Martin Koppell's legendary trips over the border to Detroit, John Anderson's forays into most every USA major city, Graham Warr's USA trips feeding the soul-lust of The Catacombs, Ian Levine's family holidays to Florida. All contributed to triggering an avalanche of spectacular Northern Soul discoveries. On the home front there was Bostock's of Bradford and their unbelievable haul of over a 1,000,000 USA 45's to trawl through in Yorkshire. Alice Clark, Salvadors, Tymes, Superiors, Triumphs, Charades and 100's more were all found in Bradford to enrich the Northern Soul scene every week. It was all happening in the first few years of that fruitful 70's decade.

After being force-fed of a diet of Rod Stewart, Mud, T. Rex, Sweet, Mungo Jerry with little teasers by The Tams - Hey Girl Don't Bother Me and Supremes - Stoned Love reminding us where our true musical passions lie.

It is records like this, emitting the genius of Van McCoy as he guides Francine "Peaches" Barker and her two friends Dyanne Stewart, Nancy Johnson replicating the "Motown Sound". That just transported us away from the radio bombardment of British pop tedium into a nirvana of escapism we embraced as USA Soul.

For me and many others "The Sweet Things" epitomises that unrepeatable pre-Wigan experience, that hit you right between the eyes on the very first hearing, so very Motown-esque instant girl group Northern Soul that just kept you dancing. Check out that Van McCoy intro of ringing vibes, crashing drums and explosive horns.. then Francine's searing lead vocal just pulls you right in.. followed by a saxophone interlude
to-die-for.. Northern Soul music became the greatest thing in your life at the weekends.

It was of course one of those titles that came over from Mr. Simon Soussan in L.A. who saw the opportunity to bootleg the Date 45 on the "Soultown" label, bootlegs that fill met the demand of the British market these 45s too, would later also become so very collectable..

Here's an anthem dripping in euphoric-recall... if you were there in 1972 you're probably struggling with the emotion this record fires up - everytime!

Condition Report

Radio Station green tick denoting the programmers had listened to each side. Glossy surface, reveals multiple hairlines none of which react with the

A Side

  • Title: I'm In A World Of Trouble

    B Side

  • Title: Baby's Blue
  • Year: August 1966
  • City: New York, N.Y.