Mr. McGallagher / Get On The Line

Parlophone : R 5848



  • Artist: Sweet
  • A Side: Mr. McGallagher
  • B Side: Get On The Line
  • Label: Parlophone
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: M-
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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Sweet's first single a year before they became the biggest Glam Rock sensation in the country.

Before The Sweet became leaders in Glam Rock their penchant Psychedelic/Prog Rock, was evident when they were a club-circuit band called "Wainwright's Gentlemen" later as the "Sweetshop" they'd fit in some Prog Rock into their crowd-pleasing act of Motown & R&B. So we lead with the original flipside, rather than the commercial act of plagiarism, when Sweet were presented with an Archies album track, another Jeff Barry & Andy Kim's composition for an "Archies" on RCA ."Get On The Line" The Archies of course had a monster worldwide hit with "Sugar Sugar" Lew Warburton, John Burgess & Roger Easterby must have been hoping some of the magic formula would rub off. "Get On The Line" is unmistakably sugary "Sweet"

Whilst the flipside take the form of their later RCA flipsides, finely honed and calculated "Prog Rock".
So check out "Mr. McGallagher" from the very first flick of the plectrum, wicked Prog Rock unfolds. Reaching vocals, float over a cloud of highly skilled guitar rhythms with a wicked instrumental partition of guitar and keyboard wizardry, lifting the session yet another notch.

There's a stark contrast of "Sweet's" desire for chart success and their passion for Progessive Rock... The Sweet are very talented musicians, which every heavu=y rock h=fan already knew, often purchasing their RCA hits solely for the flip.

Before you today is the super-elusive, infinitely rarer STOCK copy in flawless condition, still housed in birth-sleeve. That will leave you wondering, what if "Sweet" had signed for "Vertigo" what their musical output would have been?

Condition Report

A flawless copy, most like previously unplayed vinyl (the spindle hole was pleasingly tight), full gloss vinyl revealing on the merest storage blemish under direct light. Two clean labels, there is a hint of a Radio Caroline file number on the a-side label, but is so faint I can't read it and it will certainly no show on the images. All housed in it's original birth sleeve. a truly beautiful example.

A Side

  • Title: Mr. McGallagher

    B Side

  • Title: Get On The Line
  • Year: 1970
  • City: United Kingdom