On A Day When It's Raining / Spoonful

Dore : 753 DJ

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  • Artist: Superbs
  • A Side: On A Day When It's Raining
  • B Side: Spoonful
  • Label: Dore
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: VG+
  • Label Condition: VG+
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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A quick google will reveal just how damn rare this 45 is as the original USA release. It is without question one of this great label's "Rarest Of The Rare"... so rare in fact, we can find no evidence that it ever got past the promo stage in November 1965.

So elusive, we unashamedly admit this is the very first copy we have ever listed; This is the former "Meadowlarks" cover-up for one of Europe's most-respected DJs who’s taste has always been impeccable.

I must admit this is also my type of sound, liquid male vocals crocheted into a considerate rhythmic Northern Soul dance arrangement, ensuring the backing doesn't "drown" those silky distilled voices, as they seamlessly roll out another fine Bobby Swayne set of lyrics.

An inventive Lew Bedell production adds gentle unobtrusive "lightning" and "Heavy Rain" sound effects into the mix, underlining this session is all about the voices. Blended so exquisitely, so very deserving of the "Meadowlarks" cover-up christening. Unless you've heard Britain's top-rare-soul-DJ regularly over the last 3 decades it is quite likely this is the first time you've encountered this 45 rippling with understated brilliance coming from the Dore release. During Ace/Kent’s extensive release program of the Dore catalog it did sneak,out on the flipside of “I Wanna Do It With You”.

Here's a listing for those serious collectors seeking the real-deal rarities and those of you wishing to emulate the high standards set by others whilst playing one-off discoveries. So rare that only 4 copies have surface for sale in over 20 years.

Personally I think this tune is awesome, but I've always had a bias towards for vocal-group Northern Soul, especially the "impossible" ones.

Listen and absorb it’s “street-corner” brilliance and be aware we are unlikely to ever list this 45 on Dore ever again, it is indeed that rare!

Condition Report

light surface marks revealed under direct light, plays well with only an occasional low-fi tick along the way (listen). label although free of writing or tears it does have very mild storage wear (see images.)

A Side

  • Title: On A Day When It's Raining

    B Side

  • Title: Spoonful
  • Year: November 1965
  • City: Los Angeles, Cal