Sunny & The Sunliners

If You could See Me Now / Should I Take You Home

R P R: R-105

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  • Artist: Sunny & The Sunliners
  • A Side: If You could See Me Now
  • B Side: Should I Take You Home
  • Label: R P R
  • Format: 45s



  • Vinyl Condition: E+
  • Label Condition: M-
  • Sleeve Condition: M-

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After being cossetted for decades in the more complete NS collections across the the globe, at last this divine double-helping of vocal-group is receivership the long overdue exposure it so deserves.

Hey Northern Soul DJ's what took you so long, a vocal-group experience record currently starting adorn playlist through the UK. with the flipside an established harmony-soul Lowrider collectorspiece. what's not to love?

WE leasd with the Killer Tex-Mex Northern Soul taking inspiration from The Dells - Wear It On Your Face. Sonny Ozuna's impressive "nicotine-coated" vocal heads up a spectacular display of Texas-born horns, with 6 man "Sunliners" relentlessly decorating the background with silky smooth choruses and whooping vocal support woven into a persuasive NS dance arrangement.

The combination of the rich brass, the compelling sandpaper voice along with the superlative male vocal harmony backdrop, makes for a five-star Northern Soul dancer that has bubbled away for over 40 years on the back-burner of DJ's play lists, without ever coming to the forefront of Northern Soul public's attention. Now it's on the boil and the value is rising. As in recent times this uplifting tune has at last received the exposure it has deserved for so along. An inspiring feel-good dance record you can't help but to fall in love with.

Flip it over, the mid-tempo "Should I Take You Home" is every note as motivating. A silky display of soulful vocal harmony, again enriched by highly accomplished brass backing, and enthusiastic group teamwork, making for a premiere Crossover Northern Soul experience.

Check out the double soundfile and prepare to fall in love with a record that has snoozed for too long.

Here's a promo copy In utterly dream condition..

Condition Report

Two clean examples of this much-loved quad-coloured with the stark red logo, one that cratediggers always hope, mostly in vain, to encounter on forays into the wild. So many worthwhile 45 on this label. Vinyl has full gloss, revealing onlthe nmerrest hairlines when angled in the light. A very nice copy indeed.

A Side

  • Title: If You could See Me Now

    B Side

  • Title: Should I Take You Home
  • Year: 1969
  • City: San Antonio, Texas